July 8, 2024
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Unpacking the Myths: The Spacious Reality of One-Bedroom Apartments


Choosing the ideal apartment can be challenging, especially when searching for the perfect floor plan. The benefits of one-bedroom apartments often get overlooked due to misconceptions about their space limitations. At HHHunt, our one-bedroom homes range from 549 to 1,542 square feet, offering ample space for living, working and daily activities. Visualizing square footage can be tricky, so here is a fun comparison: 700 square feet is approximately the same size as three one-car garages! Clearly, there is plenty of room to live life to the fullest in a one-bedroom apartment, despite common myths about space.

To highlight the luxurious features of our one-bedroom apartments and dispel common myths, we’ve compiled a list addressing frequent misconceptions about their space.

#1: There’s No Room for My Items 

A common misconception is that living in a one-bedroom apartment means having to downsize one's belongings due to limited space. However, the compact size of a one-bedroom apartment can actually offer several advantages. A well-designed one-bedroom apartment often features ample storage options, such as multiple closets, shelving units and cabinets, making it easier to stay organized. 

Get creative with your organization and take advantage of the various storage options in your one-bedroom apartment. At HHHunt, we are committed to maximizing space, which is why our apartments are designed with smart storage solutions. Utilize the spacious bedroom closets with shelving to keep hats, shoes and boxes off the floor. Repurpose the coat closet to store larger items like cleaning supplies. The gourmet kitchen, with its numerous cabinets and drawers, further enhances your apartment's storage capacity. Even select bathroom vanity cabinets have drawers and dual sinks – perfect for storing an individual or couple’s essentials. 

With all these storage options, the myth that one-bedrooms are too small for everyday belongings is easily debunked.

We understand that you may still be concerned about space limitations, which is why our apartments offer convenient on-site storage options including garages for rent. This provides you with easy access to your belongings just a short walk from your door, saving you time, energy and the cost of renting an off-site storage unit. So, don't let the myth of one-bedroom apartments being small discourage you. HHHunt proves that you can have a spacious, well-designed apartment that provides all the comfort and room you need for a satisfying living experience.

#2: There’s No Room to Work-From-Home 

According to a study conducted in 2023 by PewResearch, one in three US adults work a hybrid job, splitting their time equally between working at home and in the office. As a result, many adults prioritize finding homes with dedicated office space. One-bedroom apartments are well-suited for these lifestyles despite concerns about space. They offer dedicated areas for living and working, ensuring a clear separation between professional and personal life. This distinction helps maintain a healthy balance, minimizing distractions and enhancing productivity. Residents can relax in a designated bedroom and seamlessly convert part of the living area into a productive workspace. Most apartment floor plans offer breakfast bars or dining areas, creating the perfect spot to use as a desk during the day and a dining spot at night. Working comfortably from home is both achievable and convenient in our one-bedroom apartments.

Need a change of scenery? Renting a one-bedroom apartment includes access to our luxurious clubhouses, which offer a variety of unique amenities. These clubhouses are equipped with workpods, private workstations and lounges for group collaboration. With Wi-Fi and charging stations readily available, they provide the perfect space to work outside the office.

#3: There’s No Room for My Hobbies

Hobbies are a wonderful way to make friends and relax after a long day. Some renters worry that living in a one-bedroom apartment will limit their space for hobbies, but this is not the case. HHHunt one-bedroom apartments and community clubhouses provide the ideal environment for pursuing various hobbies. 

  • Gourmet, open kitchens are ideal spots for trying out new recipes. 
  • Private patios or balconies offer a great space for gardening enthusiasts
  • The serene ambiance of each apartment is perfect for reading or watching movies. 
  • Stylized fitness centers with fitness on demand at our clubhouses offer quality workouts for residents pursuing healthy lifestyles.
  • For larger hobbies, like book clubs or trivia nights, our community clubhouses provide a comfortable space for gatherings. 

Our one-bedroom apartments perfectly suit any lifestyle, offering an ideal location for everyday activities. Additionally, living in a one-bedroom apartment is often more affordable, freeing up more of your budget to pursue your hobbies and passions.

#4: There’s Nowhere to Entertain 

One-bedroom apartments are an ideal setting for hosting holiday events or gatherings, despite common concerns about limited space. HHHunt apartments boast open floor plans that allow easy movement between the kitchen and living room, making entertaining a breeze. These homes also feature spacious living areas, providing a comfortable environment for conversing with guests. Additionally, many apartments include a private patio or balcony, which can be used to create a pleasant outdoor ambiance for visitors. With these thoughtful designs, one-bedroom apartments can offer an inviting and functional space for hosting memorable gatherings.

#5: There’s No Room for My Pets

At HHHunt, we understand that pets are cherished family members, which is why our apartments proudly welcome them with no breed restrictions. Pets are beloved companions, and our spacious one-bedroom apartments are designed with their comfort in mind. Our open floorplans provide ample room for your pet to roam and play freely. Additionally, select apartments feature convenient plank flooring, making cleanup a breeze. Because at HHHunt, we believe in creating a home where every member of your family feels comfortable and cared for.

Our commitment to pet-friendly features extends beyond the walls of your apartment. Enjoy quality outdoor time with your furry friend at our on-site pet park or explore our community trails together. For added convenience, some of our apartments even offer pet spas, ensuring grooming is both convenient and affordable. Your pet will love living in your HHHunt one-bedroom apartment!

In our effort to debunk common misconceptions about space limitations in one-bedroom apartments, we've discovered the numerous benefits these homes offer. We've unraveled the truth behind the ideas and discovered that one-bedroom apartments, such as the ones offered by HHHunt, can defy these myths. Featuring ample storage options, inviting open patios for entertaining and welcoming community amenities, one-bedroom living emerges as a highly practical and cost-efficient choice for today's residents. Because at HHHunt, it's how you live that matters, and we believe it's time to embrace the modern, convenient and comfortable living that one-bedroom apartments offer.

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