April 25, 2021
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Top Pet Amenities

We love pets!

We love pets! There’s no other way to express how much our teams enjoy seeing and interacting with pets at our communities. Pets bring a smile to our faces, make us laugh, and brighten our day. We understand how important pets are to our residents too, which is why we offer a variety of pet amenities at HHHunt Apartment Living communities.

These pet amenities help our four-legged friends enjoy a fun and active lifestyle. In some cases, the pet amenities offer a great way to pamper our fur babies as well.

As we discussed in a recent blog post, if you have a pet and are looking for a pet-friendly apartment home, you should evaluate pet amenities as part of your search.

We asked our residents about their favorite pet amenities and shared the responses below!

Dog Park

Not surprisingly, the top answer we got was dog parks. Residents love having a safe and clean space to allow their pets to run around carefree. All our apartment communities boast dog parks and they’re certainly popular spots in the evening and on weekends.

Walking Trails

Walking trails came in a close second to dog parks. Many residents enjoy having dedicated space in our communities to talk their pets. It helps make sure they’re getting fresh air too. Plus, a number of residents noted how much they enjoy the extra bonding time with their pets when they take long walks together. The natural surroundings in many of our communities make for some especially stunning walks.

Pet Spa

A few HHHunt Apartment Living communities offer pet spas for residents to use. These pet spas include washing and grooming stations that are very popular. If your pet loves to get a bath or needs a little extra grooming attention, pet spas can be a great bonus. The photo above shows one of our furry friends getting ready to wash up after hitting the trails at Abberly CenterPointe!

Pet-Friendly Policies

Many residents also responded that they appreciate the pet-friendly policies at all our communities. Most communities don’t have breed restrictions and welcome multiple pets. Check out this fun video we recently released highlighting the many ways in which our communities are pet-friendly. To learn more about specific pet-friendly policies, please contact an HHHunt Apartment Living community’s office directly.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters. Our pets are important members of our families and they play a big part in how we live. That’s why our HHHunt Apartment Living communities are proud to be pet-friendly and offer an array of pet amenities for our residents.

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Our HHHunt Apartment Living communities are proud to be pet-and offer an array of pet amenities for our residents. Learn more here!

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