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February 10, 2022
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Five Tips for a Great Balcony Garden


Are you considering an apartment home, condo or townhome and worried about no space for gardening? We are here to tell you that you can garden in one of these home types. Most of our apartments, condos or townhomes offer outdoor living areas like balconies or patios. These are perfect spaces for an at-home garden. So, whether you are looking for fresh herbs for cooking or some foliage to add a splash of color, this resource has you covered with a step-by-step guide.

Tip One: Plan Your Balcony Garden

Before you begin planting a garden on your balcony or patio, it's best to make a plan. Consider several key questions that will help you determine the size and scope of your garden. For example, how large is your balcony or patio? How much space do you want your garden to take? How much direct light does your patio or balcony receive and when? Are you interested in adding a hydroponic gardening system? The Spruce has a great list of questions to ask before you begin your garden. Start here!

Tip Two: Spacing Matters

Finding ways to maximize your balcony or patio is essential with limited space. You should consider the types of containers you use for your plants and how they're distributed around the balcony. Do they look cluttered with your outdoor furniture? This matters when creating your balcony garden. Some of our residents and homeowners even match their outdoor pillows to the colors of their flowering plants. What a great idea! 

Tip Three: Choosing the Right Plants for Your Balcony Garden

Once you know what to do with the space on your balcony or patio, it's time to determine what specific plants you should select. Gardenista has helpful insights on how to build out your selection of plants and flowers. We love creating a base of evergreen plants that will add color all year long and then add in seasonal varieties. Are you looking for both edible and nonedible plants? Both species are beautiful when intertwined in your gardening plan. Read on to see our favorites of both types. 

Plants for Colorful Balcony Garden

Keep your gardening adventure fun by selecting low-maintenance plants. This will minimize the hassle of your balcony garden while you work on your green thumb. Some of our favorites that add a splash of color are the following:

  • Pansies: These vibrant plants offer a burst of color with a black center. They are hardy and do well in cooler temperatures. These would be an excellent option for changing out spring and summer annuals in the fall. 
  • Fuchsia "Dark Eyes": This beautiful plant is ideal for hanging pots and window baskets. The best part - they can be enjoyed indoors or out.
  • Petunias: If you love color, then the funnel-shaped petunia may be perfect for you. Its color options seem almost unlimited, with reds, pinks, purples and yellows. 
  • Zinnias: Known for their daisy-like flower and rigid stem, these flowers are perfect for sharing, and can be arranged in a handmade bouquet. 
  • Daylilies: The flowers thrive in pots and open daily. They bloom starting in the summer and can be enjoyed through early fall.

Plants for an Edible Balcony Garden

Among the great benefits of having your own balcony garden is that you can grow veggies and herbs in the kitchen. Talk about fresh! Growing an edible garden doesn't have to be complicated. You can also incorporate edible plants and blooming flowers in your balcony garden. Here are some plants to consider for your condo garden:

  • Basil: From savory to sweet dishes, this powerful herb is a culinary delight. Top a pizza with whole leaves, or make a reduction for topping ice cream. The uses are endless.
  • Mint: Whether you are looking for some delicious tea or want to use it for its healing properties, this herb is fun to grow and smells heavenly. It grows well in pots and grows quickly. This means you can share a few sprigs with a neighbor investing in their own balcony garden. 
  • Tomatoes: Yes, you are reading this correctly; tomatoes can be grown on your balcony. Grab yourself some four-gallon buckets and starter plants. Before you know it, you will have enough tomatoes to share with friends and family.  
  • Squash: Who doesn't love squash soup? This veggie grows well in containers and has beautiful flowers.  
  • Winter Herbs: Chives, oregano, sage, thyme and mint do well in cold temperatures. This means you can feed your gardening soul in the winter months.

You can also check out HHHunt's video: How to Grow Kitchen Herbs Indoors.

Tip Four: Lean Into Gardening's Therapeutic Benefits

Gardening is an incredibly therapeutic activity that engages all your senses. You can feel the sun's warmth, the dirt's coolness, and the leaves' texture. You can smell the fragrant flowers and herbs and hear the birds chirping and the wind rustling through the trees. You can even taste the herbs and vegetables you grow. Gardening is a beautiful way to connect with nature while reducing stress and improving your mental health.

Tip Five: Understand The Limits of a Balcony Garden

This resource shows many options for a thriving balcony garden; however, you need to consider the rules and regulations of your apartment community lease, townhome homeowner's association, or condo association. There may be some stipulations on what you can and can not do, so it is best to check before investing in plants and pots. It is also essential to consider neighbors. If your balcony is above someone else, ensure dirt and water don't fall into their space. An easy way to avoid this would be to use water pans under your pots. 

At HHHunt, we believe it's how you live that matters. Creating an inviting and beautiful space in your new home will brighten your life. We hope these tips are helpful and you consider making a balcony garden an extension of your home!

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Are you considering an apartment home, condo or townhome and worried about no space for gardening? We are here to tell you that you can garden in one of these home types.

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