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HHHunt Leadership

Leadership for the future

Since Harry H. Hunt, III founded HHHunt in 1966, there has been a talented team of professionals responsible for the company’s strong and consistent growth, positioning HHHunt as a leader in real estate development, apartment communities, new home construction, senior living and master planned communities throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and South Carolina. And now, the next generation of leadership, with over 214 years of combined HHHunt experience, will lead this award­-winning company into the 21st century while keeping with our vision of improving the world and how people live by creating meaningful experiences and places of great distinction.

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Harry H. Hunt III - Executive Management Team at HHHunt
Harry H. Hunt, III

Executive Team

Harry (Buck) Hunt, IV - Executive Management Team at HHHunt
Harry H. (Buck) Hunt, IV
Vice Chairman & CEO
Daniel T. Schmitt - President and C.O.O. at HHHunt
Daniel T. Schmitt
President and Chief Business Development Officer
Steve Fritz - President HHHunt Homes
Steve Fritz
Chief Operating Officer
Anne Kelly - CFO
Ann Kelly
Chief Financial Officer
Kelly Rosato - Chief Human Resources Officer
Kelly Rosato
Chief Human Resources Officer
Janet Riddlebarger - Senior Vice President HHHunt apartment living
Janet Riddlebarger
Executive Advisor

Leadership Team

Apartment Living
Lance Goss
Lance Goss
Vice President
Apartment Living
Robert Chappelle
Robert Chappelle
Vice President
Senior Living
Rich Williams - Senior Vice President HHHunt Senior Living
Rich Williams
Senior Vice President
Senior Living
HHHunt Homes
Pat McCarthy - Division Manager Richmond HHHunt  Homes
Patrick McCarthy
Richmond, VA and Hampton Roads, VA
William Sutphin -  Division Manager HHHunt Homes, Raleigh-Durham
William Sutphin
Division Manager
Raleigh-Durham, NC
Real Estate Development
Kim Kacani - President, HHHunt Communities
Kim Kacani
Senior Vice President
Business Development
Jonathan Ridout - Vice President, HHHunt Communities
Jonathan Ridout
Vice President
HHHunt Communities
Thomas Hudson
Thomas Hudson
Vice President
Land Acquisition
Hans Klinger - Vice President, HHHunt Communities
Hans Klinger
Vice President
Feasibility and Entitlement
Jill Crews - VP Marketing and Branding HHHunt Communities
Jill Crews 
Senior Vice President
IT Services
Paul Johnson - Director of IT Services
Paul Johnson
Senior Vice President
Business Technology Services