Have the Best Fall Curb Appeal on the Block!

Have the Best Fall Curb Appeal on the Block!
Fall Curb Appeal

A creative burlap wreath from At The Picket Fence

It’s time to break out the oranges, yellows, reds, and browns in home décor and decorate your space for Autumn! Create a cozy welcome and spruce up your home’s curb appeal with these helpful tips:

Use Unique Items When Decorating

Make the cars driving by stop for a second to check out your Fall décor! Instantly add interest by incorporating unique items in your DIY Fall pieces. Look around the house for old planks of wood, doors, ladders or other types of furniture that can be converted into something fresh for your porch. For instance, blogger At The Picket Fence transformed an old burlap bag into a fun and festive front door wreath!

Bring the Indoors Outside

Add indoor elements to your curb appeal, such as blankets, chairs, pillows, lanterns, milk crates or bar stools. It’s a perfect way to cozy up outside. It may be a good idea to waterproof some of your items so they don’t receive water damage.

Create a Center Focal Point

It doesn’t have to be over the top. Karen Rich Sasway, a homeowner at White Hall in Toano, Virginia, wraps Fall leaves around her porch railings and places pumpkins on each front door step. The leaves and pumpkins are her focal points and instantly draw attention to her front door.

Fall Curb Appeal

A perfect example of Fall curb appeal from Karen Rich Sasway in White Hall!

Get Personal

Customize with a personal touch so that visitors know more about you! A fun idea is to paint your monogram on a pumpkin, or even hang a silhouette of the state you’re living in on your door as a wreath.

Step it up with creativity this year and think outside-of-the-box! By incorporating items that you already have around the home, you can instantly create beautiful curb appeal!  We believe it’s how you live that matters, and we hope you have a blast celebrating Fall!