March 11, 2022
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Your Guide to Living in Maryland


Have you thought about moving to Maryland? Maryland is known for its great seafood, the Baltimore Orioles, and amazing landscapes from the mountains to the oceanfront. Did you also know that Maryland offers homeowners and residents a great quality of life with incredible access to a growing economy? HHHunt opened its first community in Maryland with Abberly Crest in 2005. Since then, we have expanded our apartment living and senior living divisions throughout the state. We are excited to be a part of the community and would love to share some of the best reasons to consider living in Maryland. You can also take a closer look in our video guide on living in Maryland.

Maryland Offers First-Rate Cities in the U.S.

Maryland offers residents some of the best cities in the United States. From Rockville to Waldorf, cities across Maryland are consistently ranked among the best in the country by several major publications. Residents in cities like Annapolis and Bowie enjoy a median income over $100,000 while Rockville and Bethesda boast extremely low unemployment numbers and high percentages of college graduates.

Top Universities and Hospital Systems

Another perk to living in Maryland is the proximity to one of the top five hospitals in the country. We are talking about Johns Hopkins Hospital of course, known for 15 adult and 10 pediatric specialties. Residents in Maryland also enjoy living near some of the best colleges and universities in the United States including the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, and the U.S. Naval Academy. Not only are these higher education institutions major employers, but they also have incredible research and development arms which are driving the technology, innovation, and healthcare industries in the state.

Fast Growing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Maryland is home to 138 of the fastest growing private companies in the United States according to Inc. Magazine. The overall list spans a variety of industries including health, IT management and software, retail, and government services. Over the past decade, Maryland has invested heavily in its entrepreneurial ecosystem which is a driving force in job creation and growth. In fact, Maryland is consistently ranked as one of the best states to do business because of its labor pool and training programs.

Easy Access to the World

One of the biggest drivers of Maryland’s growth is its easy access to the world. In fact, Marylanders live within an eight-hour drive of 50% of the U.S. population! Maryland is also home to Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI). As a major hub to Southwest Airlines, BWI provides access to major destinations across the U.S., Caribbean and Central America. No matter where you’re trying to go – you will be able to get there quickly!

Great Cost of Living

Maryland also offers residents a great cost of living. Median home prices are around average for the United States and the quality of public schools is among the best in the nation. Maryland has strong marks for infrastructure with most of the population having access to high-speed internet. Commute times are also low.

Interested in an apartment home? We have you covered in the best places to live in Maryland including Lexington Park and Waldorf. Because at HHHunt, it’s how you live that matters.

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Maryland is known for its great seafood, the Baltimore Orioles, and amazing landscapes from the mountains to the oceanfront and offers a great quality of life.
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