April 4, 2022
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Why HHHunt is One of the Best Companies to Work for


Are you looking to make a career move? Interested in finding a company that is committed to investing in your future? Look no further than HHHunt! For more than 55 years, HHHunt has provided thousands of team members with opportunities and access to benefits that enrich their lives and help them reach their full potential. You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what some of our employees say about why they think HHHunt is one of the best companies to work for.

Access to Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning

“I am happy to work at HHHunt and that they provide continuing education.” – Arturo Pico, Assistant Service Manager, Abberly at Twin Hickory

“I started with HHHunt in 2016 as a leasing consultant, fresh into the apartment living industry with no prior property management experience. I was soon promoted to assistant community manager in 2017 at Abberly Southpoint and have been here ever since construction. I will be celebrating my 6th year with HHHunt this year! I am so thankful for the opportunities HHHunt has provided me through the years and giving me all of the tools I needed to be successful in this role!” – Shannon Grimm, Assistant Community Manager, Abberly at Southpoint

Since our founding, Harry H. Hunt, III believed that our employees were our most important asset. He coined the phrase “Best Idea Wins,” which embodies his philosophy that everyone should have a voice and can contribute to the success and growth of HHHunt. That is why HHHunt provides employees with tuition/education reimbursement for professional development classes and secondary-degree programs such as associates degrees, bachelor’s degrees and even master’s degrees. Employees can also contribute to a College 529 Plan through payroll deductions. That means you will never have to worry about taking out big loans to further your education.

Team members can also participate in our in-house continuing education program, HHHunt University. HHHunt University incorporates educational and training tools to help our team members grow and flourish. From time management workshops to navigating multi-generational workplace courses, HHHunt University embraces the lessons learned over the years and teaches them to a new generation of professionals through in-person or online classes. There are many options in this program for both personal and professional growth based on team members’ interests.

Access to Amazing Health and Wellness Benefits

“I love working for a company that places importance on the mental health of its employees. It’s just another way they show how employee centered they are!” Taylor Brewer, Community Coordinator

Ensuring the health and wellness of our team and their families has always been at the core of who we are as a company. That is why we offer 100 percent employer-paid health insurance, vision coverage, life insurance, dental coverage, and short-term disability insurance to our employees. We also offer generous cost-savings to our employees’ family members. For those seeking to adopt, HHHunt offers a $7,500 award-winning adoption benefit with additional paid time off.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

“I have always felt fortunate for having the opportunity to work at HHHunt. An organization that is not only dedicated to their employees but also their promise to create communities that are meaningful, unique and that enrich the lives of those who live in them. For that and many more reasons, I am proud to stand behind this distinguished Brand.” - Taylor Campitell, Construction Project Manager

As an Employee Centered company, HHHunt is committed to creating a work environment that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have developed focused training, recruitment, and educational programs designed to foster an environment that promotes equity and inclusion among all of our team members. There is still more work that can be done, but HHHunt is committed to this endeavor.

Providing the Opportunity to Give Back to Our Communities

“HHHunt has done so much for our community to improve others’ lives. Our Habitat for Humanity outreach is a big one. We have assisted with building homes, landscaping, and donating items to provide homes for those in our communities.” – Lisa McCarthy, HHHunt Homes

Since our company’s founding, HHHunt has always believed in the importance of giving back to the local communities in which we have a presence. That is why our team members volunteer thousands of hours of their time to organizations and non-profits in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. We do this through a variety of different signature events such as our annual Food Drive and partnerships with local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity chapters or pet shelters. Giving back is at the heart of who we are as a company. Providing our team members with the opportunity to volunteer is just one more way that we are living our Brand Promises and Values.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters and providing our team members with a variety of opportunities to enhance their career is why HHHunt is one of the best companies to work for.

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Are you looking to make a career move? Check out what some of our employees say about why they think HHHunt is one of the best companies to work for.
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