September 13, 2021
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What Should I Look for With a New Home Builder?


We receive a lot of questions from prospective buyers about what they should look for when choosing a home builder. That is why we are breaking down our answers to frequently asked questions our teams in Richmond, Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, and Raleigh often hear from customers looking to build their dream home. You can also view our video here on “What Should You Look for in a New Home Builder.”

Why Should I Build a New Home Instead of Buying an Existing Home?

Have you looked at homes and thought, “if only the owner’s suite was on the first floor” or “I wish this layout was more modern?” One of the biggest advantages to purchasing a new construction home is that it will be designed to your exact specifications. You’ll be able to choose from countless modern, open floor plans perfect for your lifestyle. Homebuyers who purchase a new homesite from HHHunt Homes also have the chance to select all the designer features and finishes at our Design Gallery.

What is One Big Advantage of a New Home Versus an Existing Home?

New construction is more energy-efficient and requires less maintenance – two important factors to consider. A more energy-efficient home can make a difference on your utility bill. Having little maintenance and upkeep is especially important for today’s home buyers. You won’t have to worry about home improvements or repair bills. With the work already done for you, you’ll have more time to enjoy the best things in life.

Should I Consider Schools When Building a New Home?

The answer is Yes! Schools are a very important part of the home decision-making process – especially when building a new home. HHHunt Homes carefully selects where it builds in Virginia and North Carolina and always takes school districts into account when planning. We understand that a house is more and just four walls – it is the fabric of the community and schools are a very important part of that.

Does the Home Builder Offer a Warranty?

Yes! If maintenance issues do arise, they may be covered under the new home warranty. HHHunt Homes offers homebuyers an express 10-year Builder’s Limited Warranty that covers workmanship and materials, major systems, and structural elements. This is the best warranty program available today!  

How Long Has the Home Builder Been in Business?

Experience is also worth considering as you look for a home builder. Founded in Richmond, VA in 1992, and marked by a rapid rise as one of the largest and fastest-growing home builders in the area, HHHunt Homes has consistently expanded our home building operations to meet and exceed customer expectations. We offer wonderfully diverse lifestyles through a wide variety of products and pricing. Thanks to tens of thousands of homebuyers who have put their trust in our company, HHHunt Homes continues to enjoy tremendous success. Our well-received endeavors include our 2005 entry into the Hampton Roads market – from Williamsburg to Chesapeake – and our 2008 area expansion to the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina marketplace.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters and we are proud to be the home builder of choice for so many families in Richmond, Williamsburg, Hampton Roads, and Raleigh. We invite you to explore the HHHunt difference today by contacting us.

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We are sharing answers to the frequently asked questions our teams often hear from customers looking to build their dream home.

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