October 21, 2022
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What is HHHunt Homes' Smart Living Collection?


The Smart Living Collection by HHHunt Homes is one of our signature collections of home plans. Introduced in 2018, the Smart Living Collection homes offer homebuyers maximum value by creating specialized options for personalization; streamlining the selection process to eliminate overhead expenses, and providing complete pricing transparency in a single appointment. Additionally, as home prices continue to rise, our Smart Living Collection offers homebuyers an opportunity to purchase a new construction home at an affordable price.

We wanted to take this opportunity to explain why we launched the Smart Living Collection by HHHunt Homes and the benefits this Collection provides to homebuyers.  

Creating a Simplified Process for New Home Construction

Over the years, we’ve found that a significant number of first-time homebuyers and move-up homebuyers don’t consider new construction homes because of two main reasons: (1) They are intimidated by the process of building a new home; and (2) They feel new home construction is more expensive than it truly is. Our goal with the Smart Living Collection by HHHunt Homes is to dispel these concerns by creating a completely transparent, simple, and easy-to-navigate process for prospective homebuyers. Our specially trained New Home Advisors can walk you through every step. They will assist you with the design selections, create an exact price for your new home, and provide a timeline for when you can move in – all in one appointment!

The traditional homebuying process typically involves multiple meetings with a New Home Advisor, Design Gallery professionals, and Construction Managers. With the Smart Living Collection, we have created a simplified process for the new home construction experience so you can focus on moving into your dream home.

Maximizing Value in Price

The Smart Living Collection by HHHunt Homes is all about maximizing value. The floor plans in this Collection were designed to keep the price per square foot as low as possible by creating efficiencies in the layout and offered features. That means that every square inch of a Smart Living Collection home is usable space that you and your family can enjoy. We’ve done this by including standard features in our Smart Living Collection home plans:

  • Two or more bedrooms
  • One and two-car attached garages
  • Expansive living and kitchen areas
  • Carefully designed owner’s suites

By keeping the core elements of each home plan the same, we are able to maximize the value in the price of each Smart Living Collection home.

Easy Design Selection Process

The typical new home construction process involves going to one of our Design Galleries to select your home's kitchen, bathroom and other finishes. With the Smart Living Collection by HHHunt Homes, we have simplified that process by bringing the design process to you! All of our Model Homes in Smart Living Collection communities feature a design studio where you can select features like cabinet finishes, countertops and flooring. This approach makes for an easy design selection process with immediate pricing transparency. You will never have to worry about how much a selection will cost because your New Home Advisor will be able to tell you right on the spot.

We are able to offer more affordable homes by leveraging volume discounts for selections and removing additional overhead expenditures. We then pass those savings directly to you – the homebuyer. Those increased savings make a huge difference in the cost to complete the home, making it more affordable.

Convenient Locations to Job Centers

All of our Smart Living Collection communities are in highly sought-after areas close to job centers. We understand that most homebuyers today aren’t interested in a long commute to work. That is why we have picked locations close to major employers, schools, shopping, dining and more. Given the price of gas at the pump right now, our homebuyers love the added value of our Smart Living Collection communities’ convenient locations.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters, and since 1992 we have provided homebuyers in Virginia and North Carolina with their dream homes. Our Smart Living Collection by HHHunt Homes is focused on homebuyers seeking the best of homeownership with a simplified and easy process designed specifically for them.

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The Smart Living Collection homes offer homebuyers maximum value by creating specialized options; streamlining the selection process; providing complete pricing transparency in a single appointment.
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