October 1, 2022
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What is a Townhome?


We’re glad you asked! A townhome is a house that typically has multiple floors. These homes are built in a row and connect to one another, but each dwelling has its own entry. A townhome shares walls with other homes, which means the owner has a front and back yard only.

If you own a townhome, you own the interior, exterior and land on which the home sits. Townhomes may also be called townhouses, rowhouses or brownstones. HHHunt Homes offers one, two and three-story townhomes. Check out all of our floor plans on our website. Keep reading to learn more answers to common questions about townhomes.

What Are Some Advantages to Living in a Townhome?

Low-Maintenance Living

No need to worry about home maintenance! In a traditional single-family home, the homeowner is responsible for things like maintaining the roof, replacing siding and re-paving the driveway. These costs can add up quickly. The average homeowner spends between $5,000-$10,000 annually on maintenance repairs. For townhome owners, this maintenance is usually provided by the homeowner’s association (HOA) and covered by the HOA dues that are typically billed quarterly. This low-maintenance luxury can offer financial flexibility and peace of mind when maintenance issues arise.

Community Events

Homeowner’s Associations in townhome communities typically offer events allowing homeowners to create relationships with neighbors. Planned events and activities create a sense of community often resulting in longer residency. Living in a community with an active HOA ensures not only a well-managed community but may also increase home values. Lawn maintenance is usually managed by HOAs, keeping your home and community looking as good as they did the day you moved in. At HHHunt, our planned communities offer amazing lifestyle events and activities to enjoy. Find out more at HHHuntCommunities.com

Community Amenities

Townhome communities are typically located in convenient, popular areas. HHHunt takes immense pride in developing or building in communities that offer a rich variety of amenities for homeowners. From clubhouses and pools to walking trails and dog parks, we understand the importance amenities play in creating a dynamic neighborhood. Homeowners have access to these amenities as part of owning their home. That means you can save thousands of dollars on pool or gym memberships because you will have everything in your own backyard!

Can You Customize a Townhome?

The short answer is yes. Most exterior appearances are managed by the developer or HOA, but you own the home, so make the interior work for how you live. Want modern cabinets and countertops, or how about a luxurious bathroom? On a new home build, you will get to choose these design elements. If you are purchasing a resale, renovations can be a fun, rewarding challenge.

Can You Have a Fence on a Townhome?

Typically, yes, but check with your homeowner’s association first. There may be paperwork to complete and design standards to follow, but it is usually an easy process. Before too long your four-legged buddy will have his own private yard!

Ready for More Time for You?

The best part about living in a low-maintenance townhome is that you have more time to enjoy the things you love! Enjoy quality time with friends and family or just relax - you’ve earned it. Exterior maintenance is a thing of the past, so enjoy life while focusing on the things that matter most to you.

Discover the Lock-and-go Lifestyle!

We’re sure you will enjoy the lock-and-go lifestyle townhome living offers. There are great benefits to purchasing a low-maintenance townhome, and we’re here to help! You can also learn more about other home types in our Ask Our Expert series, like “What is a single-family home?

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