April 10, 2023
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What is a Planned Community?


What is a planned community, and how might it benefit you or your family? Realtor.com defines planned communities as "a housing development where the homes, roads, stores and other features are carefully designed and orchestrated to make  living there as convenient and enjoyable as can be." We, at HHHunt Communities, do just that! With location, attention to design and award-winning amenities, we create an environment for you to live your best life.

HHHunt Communities has been designing planned communities for over forty years, and chances are your new dream home is in one of our new home communities

Planned Communities Offer Great Locations

Location plays a big part when looking for your new home! Whether you are looking for great schools, recreational activities, shopping and dining options or proximity to work, location is key. Planned communities are typically located near major cities and highways and, depending on the scale of the community, may offer retail shopping, restaurants, and recreational activities in the community. All of these features go into deciding where you want to live and how you'll build a better future.

Connectivity and convenience are vital when HHHunt is planning our next community. Our land team is devoted to searching for the best opportunities in top-rated school districts that will offer a variety of homes, amenities and green spaces for gathering and play. We look for proximity to highways, the area's best shopping, dining and recreation venues and top-rated school districts. We know all of these factors are important in your consideration of a new home. 

Planned Communities are Designed 

Not all new home communities are created equal. Aside from a great location, planned communities are designed. This intentionality means they are more than land divided into homesites. A planned community considers all aspects of a community, including land use, community roads, and amenities. 

At HHHunt, we plan our communities to be tailored to the surroundings with streams, wetlands and other natural features making up part of the design. The land is not simply divided into lots but thoughtfully designed to create a beautiful environment. We think of everything from lot sizes to sidewalks and street lamps! Our innovative land planning also considers community features like fire hydrants, land topography for unique playgrounds, interactive mail kiosks and streetscapes with a variety of curb appeal. 

Planned Communities Offer Amenities

Recreation is essential, and so is having fun! It is not a hard fact, but most planned communities provide their homeowners with some form of amenities. Smaller communities may offer sidewalks and parks, whereas larger-scale communities offer clubhouses, pools, outdoor kitchens and more. 

At HHHunt, we provide elevated experiences at our amenities. Whether it's our trails and sidewalks, pool areas, or clubhouses, we strive to ensure each of our homeowners can enjoy these convenient features in their everyday lives. We know that getting outside is important, and that's why we create pocket parks that include corn hole, ping pong, swings and more! 

Our thoughtfully crafted amenities encourage outdoor activity and healthy living. We offer engaging indoor amenities as well. Working from home but want to avoid being stuck in your home office? Use the community's amenities for a change of scenery! Most of our clubhouses offer a space for you to work. Our amenities are also available for rent, so you can host gatherings, birthday parties and more! 

Planned Communities’ Homeowners' Association 

Planned communities typically have a Homeowners Association (HOA) that manages the community's amenities and promotes a sense of unity among homeowners. The HOA handles administrative tasks like record-keeping and contract management, as well as planning lifestyle events and overseeing committees to encourage neighbor socialization. You can learn more about the role of an HOA here.

The homeowners' association (HOA) is the heart of our communities. It takes great care and consideration when planning and creating our communities. This is why we have an in-house community management team, Genesis Community Management (GCM), who gives our homeowners attention and care. They employ experienced professionals who work alongside our development teams, builders and community leaders to implement the provisions of the community's governing documents. In addition, they work closely with the community's homeowner association's Board of Directors to maintain the association's financial administration and records, manage contracts for services, supervise committees, plan lifestyle events, organize annual meetings and board meetings, and ensure the covenants are observed. This attention to detail through our in-house management is another added benefit of the HHHunt difference!

Planned Communities Offer Social Events

Many planned communities offer homeowners social events planned and executed by the Homeowners Association. These events can include anything from game nights to pool parties and everything in between. Often they are holiday-themed, interactive experiences for the entire family to enjoy. 

At HHHunt, it's how you live that matters, and we love creating fun and engaging homeowner events for all ages to enjoy like Music in the Mill, Movie Nights, National Night Out, Trivia Night, Spring Fling and more! Check out our recent events!

HHHunt Offers Planned Communities

Planned communities focus on great locations, intentional designs, resort-inspired amenities and high quality of life. We understand that our homeowners deserve quality homes in vibrant communities that inspire a sense of pride—that's why at HHHunt Communities, our goal is to create lively homeowner areas emphasizing livability. We prioritize convenience and comfort in our planned communities, enabling our homeowners to lead an exciting lifestyle. Our development team works hard to ensure we provide an enhanced lifestyle filled with outstanding amenities and activities, because at HHHunt, it's how you live that matters. We invite you to explore HHHunt Communities today.

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