December 19, 2022
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Two Families Adopted by HHHunt Homes for the Holidays


HHHunt Homes in Richmond “adopted” two families in need for the holidays. They received information on each family from South Anna Elementary School and Mercy Mall, a nonprofit that assists families trying to overcome obstacles such as homelessness, violence and emergencies.  

After receiving a gift list for each family, the team stepped up and purchased those items which included basic needs. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that with this little bit of help, those two families will now enjoy a magical Christmas.

Helping people in our local communities is what we do, and it’s directly correlated to our Brand Promise to be an Engaged Community Partner. The holidays can be a challenging time for anyone, but especially for those in need. We want to thank the HHHunt Homes team for their contributions to improving the world and how people live.

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HHHunt Homes in Richmond “adopted” two families in need for the holidays by providing gifts and other items for basic needs.

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