May 15, 2023
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The Perks of Living in a Community With a Homeowners Association


Have you driven through your local town and realized some communities look fresh and others not so cohesive? Nowadays, it’s hard to find a home that isn’t part of a Homeowners Association (HOA) or a planned community, which is good.  We believe that HOAs breathe life into a community and positively manage the appearance and organization of the homes and homeowners to accomplish a common goal. This is why HHHunt Communities uses our affiliate Genesis Community Management in our new home communities. Never heard of an HOA? Check out What is an HOA

HOA Management Team

HOAs manage the community’s amenities and promote a sense of unity among homeowners. The HOA also handles administrative tasks like record-keeping, contract management, overseeing committees and, in some cases, planning homeowner events to ignite and foster a sense of community. To excel at all those things mentioned, HOAs have management teams to bridge the gap between homeowners and vendors with the goal of harmonious living. This team is here for you, the homeowner! They work closely with the Board of Directors and Committee Members to maintain the association’s financial administration and records, manage the contracts for services, organize annual and regular board meetings and ensure the covenants are observed so you don’t have to! The management team is your advocate and desires to work together to help you love where you live. HOA managers are experts in their field and love to support homeowners! Hear from an HOA Assistant General Manager, Julie Joyner: “A certified HOA manager is, at heart, a facilitator of people, processes and projects. We facilitate the Board of Directors, committees and volunteers as they establish short and long-term budgets and plans. We also facilitate relationships with volunteers, homeowners and vendors to achieve community objectives and facilitate proactive and reactive processes to ensure the day-to-day operation of the HOA. Our work focuses on establishing and maintaining relationships, planning for the future and sustaining a vibrant community. I love my role because every day is a new adventure as we develop creative solutions, build relationships and help our homeowners love where they live!”

HOAs Offer a Strong Sense of Community and Fun Events for Everyone 

We aren’t made to do life alone, and HOAs provide a lot of opportunities to make you feel the strong sense of community they provide. From community events, like spring festivals, live music and movie nights, to community clubs like a book club, running club and game club; these are just a few examples of how you can get out of your house, meet your neighbors and begin creating new friendships! Some HOAs plan volunteer projects to help those in need in the local area, which leads to a sense of pride in where you live. Don’t believe us? Hear what homeowner, Wendy Bracciodieta said about living in an HOA, “Living in an HOA community has many advantages. The social gatherings and activities bring neighbors closer together. Community involvement leads to a strong sense of belonging and high quality for the homeowners.”

Opportunities to Pay It Forward

Love where you live and want to partner with the HOA management team to make decisions for the community? You can make a difference in the lives of your neighbors by joining the Board of Directors and committees like budget and finance, lifestyle and modifications. These opportunities allow you to pay it forward, feel seen and heard and make changes you’re passionate about. Lynda Wieleba is a great example and said, “As a Lifestyle Committee member, my husband and I attend several of our HOA community events and have always enjoyed them and meeting new neighbors who attend. The events are varied and tend to cater to all ages. I appreciate that my suggestions are always welcomed at committee meetings and as a result, a wine tasting was incorporated into the event calendar, as well as an hors' d'oeuvres cooking lesson.”

Keeping the Community Looking Fresh

No one wants to have to explain their next-door neighbor’s rusty mailbox, missing shutters or tall grass. HOAs remove that stress and ensure everyone’s home meets the designated community standards. Communities with HOAs also ensure the amenities and common areas are well-kept and cared for! HOAs optimize property values by following Design Standards and Covenants. Our Architecture & Design Manager, Doug Cole said it best:  “Developers pride themselves on creating well-designed communities; each with a unique vision, set of goals and Design Standards. Eventually, the reins are turned over to the HOA, who ensures the original vision is achieved by continuing to support the values and aesthetics of the community.”

Amenities That Make Life Easier

Not only can HOAs provide you with great amenities like a clubhouse, sidewalks and street lights, but also services and assistance so that you can live life carefree. Gone are the days of running your trash and recyclables to county-wide service locations. Some HOAs ensure that the community has community-wide trash service and recycling programs put in place. These programs mean you have more time for yourself and less stress about finding your own trash and recycling provider. Another great perk is lawn maintenance. Often in townhomes, condominiums and 55+ communities, the HOA covers lawn care and mulching.

As you can see, living in a community with an HOA has many perks! At HHHunt, we hope that our communities provide you with a sense of community, ways to pay it forward and great amenities because it’s how you live that matters! Check out how these perks will benefit you and the HHHunt difference in our HHHunt Communities.

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Have you driven through your local town and realized some communities look fresh and others not so cohesive? Nowadays, it’s hard to find a home that isn’t part of a Homeowners Association (HOA) or a planned community, which is good. Check out the perks of living in an HOA.
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