July 24, 2023
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The Genesis Community Management Difference


Homeowners' Associations are the heart of our communities. HHHunt Communities takes excellent care and consideration when planning and creating our communities like Wyndham, Twin Hickory, Charter Colony, Rutland and River Mill. Our in-house community management team, Genesis Community Management ("GCM"), champions that same attention and care. Want to learn more about how our team handles community management differently than everyone else? Read on!

Who is Genesis Community Management?

We saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between our community developer and homeowners and founded GCM in 2012. This decision was easy because we knew that GCM would contribute to the increase in value of the community and homes through intentional planning, design and architectural guidelines. Since the beginning, we have offered high-quality community management services like homeowners association financial administration and records, managing service agreements and contracts, organizing annual and regular board meetings and ensuring the covenants are observed. Two things set GCM apart from any other HOA management company. Firstly, GCM creates a positive environment in its communities for the developer to update homeowners regularly. Secondly, they educate homeowners on HOA terms and regulations and help onboard new Board of Directors and Committee Members. 

Because GCM works hand-in-hand with HHHunt Communities, together they can ensure that the intentional planning and design of the community is carried out from inception to the final touches. HHHunt Communities' architectural design team establishes guidelines for the community, with GCM upholding those long after development which leads to higher home values and overall appeal of the community. At HHHunt, we build a better way of life, and GCM contributes to the success of our communities.

Experienced HOA Professionals Bringing You the Best!

We are focused on hiring experienced professionals with the industry's top credentials. We pride ourselves on providing communities with Portfolio Managers with proven experience and prioritize investing in their continuing education to ensure we bring the best to our homeowners. By attending conferences and maintaining strong relationships with national and local industry organizations like Community Associations Institute (CAI) and Home Builders Association of Richmond, we strive to provide our homeowners with the latest in homeowners association knowledge and exceed industry standards. Being a part of these organizations grants GCM access to the most extensive collection of resources available, which helps our communities stay current on legislation pertinent to HOAs. As part of HHHunt's Brand Promises, GCM strives to be Customer Focused and a Provider of Quality Products and Services. Bringing our communities the most experienced professionals does just that. In turn, our communities flourish and become places of great distinction.

GCM Prioritizes Homeowner Education

Not only do we prioritize continuing education for our team members, but we provide our homeowners with educational tools too. We host HOA 101s for our homeowners in each of our communities. Never heard of HOA 101s? This educational homeowner onboarding event provides homeowners with an overview of living in an HOA. It introduces the homeowner to the community's HOA management team. Topics covered include learning about the covenants and bylaws, home modification procedures and how to give back by serving as part of the community's Board of Directors and committees. Our team does leave time for homeowners to connect and ask questions. What's our goal with HOA 101s? To help ensure our homeowners feel welcome, confident and able to make the most of our communities. 

The Board of Directors and committee members are included when it comes to training. As part of our process, we partner with one or two homeowners and invite them onto the Board of Directors to learn from our team members. Many homeowners have yet to volunteer on a Board of Directors, so we train them on Robert's Rules of Order to confidently and successfully lead board and committee meetings. We also train them on the reports and assets commonly used in HOA management, like monthly and annual financial reports, delinquency reports and building the annual budget. With our team, our communities are well-equipped to handle anything the community might experience.

Community Events for All Ages

Meeting your neighbors and building strong community relationships is essential, and that's why we pride ourselves in offering events for every age and stage in your household. Not every HOA management company offers this service, which makes GCM unique. From concerts at the amphitheater, a wine and cheese pairing class or a movie night, our homeowners enjoy getting together throughout the year at our uniquely-designed amenities. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a retiree, there's something for you! We support local by bringing in local businesses and food trucks so our homeowners can have the best of the best right in their very own community. Interested in seeing these events in action? Check out our community event highlights!

As you can see, GCM sets itself apart from any other HOA management company. The attention to detail throughout every aspect of planned community living is just another added benefit of the GCM difference. At HHHunt, it's how you live that matters. We invite you to explore HHHunt Communities today.

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Homeowners' Associations are the heart of our communities. HHHunt Communities takes excellent care and consideration when planning and creating our communities like Wyndham, Twin Hickory, Charter Colony, Rutland and River Mill.
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