August 25, 2023
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The Connexion at Wescott


Are you ready to explore all that The Connexion at Wescott has to offer? Located in Midlothian, VA, The Connexion features the best work-from-home facilities developed by HHHunt Communities. In this blog, we will take you on a journey through each component of The Connexion, showcasing the outstanding amenities offered to homeowners at Wescott.

The Clubhouse at The Connexion

Spacious meeting spaces inside the Wescott clubhouse

The Clubhouse at The Connexion offers a wide range of spaces for how you live, work and play. From the community room to your choice of a conference room, you’ll want to use The Connexion to connect with your colleagues or your neighbors! Discover how this community hub fosters connections and relaxation, all while being the perfect backdrop for various activities, creating lifelong memories for homeowners.

Community Room: Step into The Connexion clubhouse and find yourself ready for anything. The community room is the central hub of The Connexion with its ample seating, accordion doors and Sonos speaker system. Speaking of accordion doors, they make this space the perfect indoor/outdoor venue. Whether seeking a quiet corner to unwind with a cup of coffee from the coffee bar or attending one of the various homeowner clubs, this inviting space creates a sense of belonging and provides a cozy retreat within the community.

Conference Room with OWL Technology: We understand the significance of staying connected. The conference room, equipped with state-of-the-art OWL technology, enables homeowners to host meetings, workshops and educational events. With seamless video conferencing capabilities, homeowners can collaborate with colleagues, participate in virtual seminars or connect with loved ones, all from the convenience of their community.

Phone Booths & Huddle Room: Looking to get out of your at-home office but don’t want to go far? The Connexion’s phone booths and huddle room are just for you. Our phone booths are perfect for a private meeting or phone call and offer ample space for you to get your work done. Need to meet someone and require a little more space? The huddle room features a TV with video conferencing capabilities and a table, making it the perfect spot to collaborate. 

The Patio at The Connexion

Umbrella tables on the spacious patio at Wescott

Escape to the outdoor patio area at The Connexion and experience open-air relaxation. If you have a passion for showcasing your culinary talents, the outdoor kitchen is fitted with a grill that is perfect for hosting barbecues, cookouts and outdoor parties. Indulge in creating mouthwatering dishes while relishing the fresh air and the company of your neighbors, forging cherished memories that will endure for years to come. Enjoy the ample patio seating, including a large umbrella table for warm, sunny days and plenty of space to get together with friends or neighbors. The patio also features a cozy linear firepit, perfect for roasting smores or adding a soothing ambiance to your evening. Homeowners can connect with neighbors steps from their homes. Whether a casual gathering or a big celebration, the patio provides the perfect space for any occasion.

The Lawn at The Connexion

Ping ping table at the lawn in Wescott

The lawn is the place to experience nature right inside this urban-styled community. Relax in the hammock garden with a good book, or enjoy the swinging benches on a nice day. Wanting to get your game on? The lawn features custom-built yard games like ping pong and cornhole, so gather your friends and see who wins. The lawn is also where events like the Annual Spring Fling are held!

The Amphiteather at The Connexion

Spacious stage and grass stadium seating at the amphitheater in Wescott

The amphitheater offers a place for live music from your favorite local band or a cinematic adventure with your favorite movie! Featuring a remote-controlled drop-down projector screen, catching a movie under the stars is a breeze. The stonewall stadium seating makes for an easy view from any angle! Don’t forget to bring your picnic blanket or lawn chair!

Are you ready to embrace the urban lifestyle offered at Wescott? As a homeowner, you’ll have access to these outstanding amenities, creating a lifestyle filled with relaxation, recreation and socialization. Choose from a townhome or condo and experience the perfect blend of comfort and community. Designed just for you, make Wescott home today. Contact us to learn more.

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