April 9, 2020
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Learn about the HHHunt Homes lifestyle from Ashley


We love learning about the HHHunt Homes lifestyle experience from actual homeowners. We were so excited when Ashley, an HHHunt Homes homeowner, shared her new home experience with us.

Hi, I'm Ashley. When I was looking for a house, I didn't really know what I wanted. And so, I was kind of driving around and I stumbled across River Mill. I came into the model and the new home advisor really walked me through the process, and kind of showed me what I didn't even know that I wanted. And it was just so easy to make all the choices that I needed to make, but I absolutely love the home that I'm in now. What I love most about my home is the open floor plan. It's so awesome to walk in the front door and be able to see everything laid out in front of me.
And my dog can see me from across the room and comes running to me when I come home every day from work. So, my favorite feature of my home is actually the giant kitchen island. When I first came to River Mill, I said, ‘the one thing I'm looking for is that granite counter lifestyle, which meant that I just wanted a giant island in the center of my home. That would make it perfect for entertaining. So, I moved in at the beginning of December and then my family decided that they were all going to come and stay with me for the holidays.
Both my brothers were able to come and bring their significant others and my mom came and there was room for everybody. And it was amazing to have my first Christmas in my home and have room for everybody and be able to host. I love my HHHunt home.

What a wonderful experience Ashley had moving into her new home just before the holidays. Ashley’s story reinforces HHHunt’s vision to improve the world and how people live. Find your new HHHunt home here.

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We were so excited when Ashley, and HHHunt Homes homeowner in River Mill, shared her new home experience with us.
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