May 13, 2024
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Inside Larry Stokes' Property Management Journey With HHHunt


Larry Stokes, the Service Manager at Abberly Grove Apartment Homes by HHHunt, embarked on a remarkable career journey within property management. Starting as a Groundskeeper at Abberly Place in 2009, Larry's path reflects dedication and a genuine passion for community engagement. In this interview, we explore Larry's career progression, the impact of resident relationships, and the values guiding his role at HHHunt.

You started with HHHunt as a Groundskeeper in 2009 at Abberly Place. What drew you to property management, and why did you choose HHHunt for that chosen career path? 

LS: I was introduced to HHHunt before 2009 when I delivered washers and dryers to the property. I have always loved talking to people and became familiar with the staff and even some of the residents. When the groundskeepers position became available, I instantly knew that it would be a good fit for me. I truly have to thank Lance Goss for giving me the opportunity. 

Let’s discuss your career progression with HHHunt. From Groundskeeper, you progressed to Service Tech. Now, you are the Service Manager at Abberly Grove. Can you share some pivotal moments or challenges that played a role in your career progression? 

LS: I am not one that likes change so it wasn’t easy for me to progress without a little pushing. I definitely have to thank my previous Service Manager, Derek Vansickle, for believing in me and pushing me to take the leap. Once he went out on leave for a few weeks, and I had the responsibility of running the property in his absence.  It was a challenge, but it allowed me to realize that I could do this. 

You are chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and  Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certified, which are desirable designations. Did you obtain those before or after starting with HHHunt? If after, did the company support you with this continued education?

LS: I received these certifications while with HHHunt. The company and my management staff were supportive and helpful. 

As the Service Manager for HHHunt Apartment Living, what aspects of your previous roles with the company are most valuable in your current role? 

LS: Building relationships with the residents has been valuable throughout my career. They are who I do this for, and without them I wouldn’t be needed. 

Managing teams is a significant part of your role. How do you approach leadership, and what strategies do you employ for team development within HHHunt? 

LS: I like to lead by example. I’m not above doing anything the rest of my team does. I still run work orders, make vacated apartment homes ready for new residents, and pick up trash on the property. Great leaders not only build great relationships, but build trust. And the team knows they can trust me. 

For individuals considering a career in the service side of property management or with HHHunt, what advice would you offer based on your own journey and experiences?

LS: If it is something you are passionate about, go for it. You also have to be willing to adjust on a day-to-day basis. You can plan for one thing and 10 other things may come up unexpectedly – so be flexible. This flexibility also makes what we do fun, because you get to do something different everyday. 

What are some of the most memorable moments or projects that have impacted you throughout your career?

LS: One of the most memorable moments is meeting a resident when I first started in 2009 named Ms. Mary. She was an elderly lady and I saw her somewhat struggling to take her trash to the dumpster. I offered to help her and began taking her trash out daily; every morning. She “adopted” me as her son and even came to my wedding in 2011. Building a friendship with her was one of the most memorable moments of my career. 

Do you have a favorite HHHunt Brand Promise or Value? Which one and why?

LS: Customer focused – I definitely strive to exceed our residents' expectations. As mentioned earlier, without the residents there would be no Service Manager. I truly enjoy building relationships with the residents and helping them. 

Larry Stokes's story epitomizes HHHunt's commitment to customer focus and community engagement. From his start as a Groundskeeper to his current leadership as Service Manager at Abberly Grove, Larry's journey underscores the importance of building lasting relationships and prioritizing resident satisfaction. His advice resonates with aspiring professionals, highlighting the significance of passion, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to service. Larry Stokes embodies the spirit of HHHunt's mission, showcasing how genuine connections with residents define a fulfilling career in property management.

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Larry Stokes, the Service Manager at Abberly Grove Apartment Homes by HHHunt, embarked on a remarkable career journey.

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