April 9, 2024
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HHHunt’s 2023 Employee of the Year Winners


Each year, HHHunt acknowledges exceptional individuals within the company for their outstanding performance through peer-nominated Employee of the Year Awards. These awards recognize excellence across HHHunt’s business areas and corporate services teams. Recently, team members gathered across our footprint to celebrate and honor the nominees and winners for their significant contributions to our success. The winners by business area are listed below. 

HHHunt Apartment Living: Terri Vryenhoek, Community Manager, Abberly Alston, Cary, NC

Terri Vryenhoek embodies the HHHunt’s Values: trust, competence, passion, forward-thinking and collaboration. As Community Manager, Terri leads the Abberly Alston Team and has over 35 years of experience in the property management field. Team members share she demonstrates trust by seamlessly transitioning to a new community while continuing to support her former team. Terri's high competence allows her to effectively mentor others and uphold HHHunt standards. Her passion shines through in her daily dedication to enriching residents' lives and thinking innovatively. Terri's collaborative spirit is evident in her willingness to assist other communities. 

HHHunt Homes: Matthew Anderson, Area Construction Manager, Richmond, VA

Matt has risen through the ranks at the company, leading his team to numerous successes. His peers mention he values trust as a core principle and constantly seeks ways to improve processes, reduce costs, and enhance quality. Matt fosters a positive and open-minded environment, encouraging his team's growth and development. He exemplifies employee-centered leadership, providing resources and support for his team's success. Known for his trustworthiness, competence, passion, forward-thinking and collaborative nature, Matt is highly respected and valued within the company. He consistently goes above and beyond, making a positive impact in everything he does and serving as a tremendous asset to the organization.

HHHunt Communities: Julie Joyner, Assistant General Manager for Genesis Community Management, Richmond, VA

Julie is praised for her exceptional leadership in creating a positive work environment and fostering community engagement through improved communication and customer service. She is highly respected, honest and dedicated to enhancing HOA communities. Julie prioritizes her team's needs, maintains high standards for community upkeep and shares her extensive knowledge generously. Her open-door policy encourages collaboration and communication, while her supportive approach and sense of humor make her a beloved mentor and boss. Julie's dedication to excellent customer service earns her praise from both residents and coworkers alike, making her an invaluable asset to the organization.

HHHunt Corporate Services: Katelyn Willis, Controller, Accounting, Richmond, VA

Katelyn is described as a highly positive and supportive manager who fosters a great work environment. She encourages learning, provides guidance and handles change effectively, which instills confidence in her team. Communication with her is always respectful, and she leads by example by giving her best effort and constantly seeking improvements. Katelyn is proactive in taking on new responsibilities and shows exceptional compassion and respect towards her team. She motivates her direct reports to strive for excellence and is supportive when they encounter challenges. Overall, she is seen as a valuable asset to the organization and an exceptional leader.

Congratulations to all the nominees and to these deserving winners for their outstanding contributions and continued excellence in their respective roles at HHHunt. Their dedication, leadership and commitment to excellence have made a significant impact on our success, inspiring and uplifting our teams throughout the organization.

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Recently, our team members gathered across our footprint to celebrate and honor the nominees and winners for their significant contributions to our success. Check out our 2023 Employee of the Year Winners.

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