September 18, 2023
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Getting Connected in The Connexions: HHHunt Communities


Jonathan Ridout, General Manager of HHHunt Communities, spoke about the importance of connection in our communities, "Connectivity doesn't end with our communities' locations; we pay a lot of attention to planning our communities so they feel connected." HHHunt Communities has aptly named their amenity centers "The Connexion" to reflect the profound importance of connections in our lives. Our communities in Virginia and North Carolina exemplify commitment. 

Each Connexion is designed to be integrated into its community, but they all share one thing. These spaces serve as vibrant hubs where friends and families unite, fostering social bonds fundamental to our well-being. At HHHunt, it's how you live that matters and these centers are designed to enhance not just the physical environment but also the emotional fabric of our communities. Meaningful connections create a sense of belonging, support and shared experiences. The Connexion is a testament to in-person connections' value in a world where hectic schedules and digital interactions often dominate. Whether gathering by the pool, engaging in activities at the clubhouse or simply enjoying a conversation on a beautiful evening, these moments enrich our lives, shaping how we truly live and the memories we cherish.

A Place to Connect Through Social Events

Homeowners enjoying live music in River Mill

Social events can come to life in The Connexions. These versatile spaces provide the perfect backdrop for a dynamic range of gatherings that unite neighbors and friends. For instance, The Connexion at River Mill in Glen Allen, VA, offers possibilities as diverse as the community. The amphitheater transforms into a live music venue where residents can savor tunes without leaving their community. Imagine enjoying local food truck cuisine right in the Connexion's parking lot or joining in the fun of a lively pool party on a sunny afternoon. With both indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly integrated, these amenity centers are where connections are made, memories are formed and shared experiences flourish.

An Extension of Your Home Office

Conference Room for meetings

Elevating the work-from-home experience, our Connexion clubhouses redefine connectivity with well-equipped conference rooms. We have seamlessly integrated professional and personal spaces at The Connexion at Wescott in Midlothian, VA. This clubhouse truly embodies its name. A dedicated conference room is ready to host virtual meetings, fostering productivity in your community's comfort. Two private phone booths are ideal for focused conversations. At the same time, a small meeting room offers a versatile space for collaborative discussions. Charging outlets are thoughtfully placed throughout the building, ensuring your devices stay powered up as you navigate your day. At our Connexions, the clubhouse's connection extends beyond leisure to support every aspect of your lifestyle, making it the perfect hub for work, relaxation and community engagement.

An Emphasis on Lifestyle

Homeowners enjoying the Connexion at Mosaic at West Creek

We understand that lifestyle is a personal concept, so we cater to various interests, from wellness enthusiasts to social butterflies. Whether you seek wellness activities, engaging entertainment or meaningful social connections, our Connexions have you covered. Take The Connexion at Mosaic at West Creek, for instance. Located in Goochland, VA, this exceptional community exemplifies the essence of a thriving lifestyle; for those inclined towards wellness, a state-of-the-art fitness center awaits, providing the perfect space to enhance physical well-being. On the entertainment front, a demo kitchen sets the stage for culinary creativity and gatherings. The clubhouse is ideal for hosting various lifestyle events and over 40 social clubs. These interactions allow residents to connect with like-minded individuals who share their passions. At HHHunt Communities, we embrace and celebrate the unique ways that residents define their lifestyle, and our Connexions are thoughtfully designed to empower each individual's journey.

Offering Work-Life Balance

State-of-the-art fitness center at Enclave at Leesville

We recognize the demands of modern life and are dedicated to crafting amenities that seamlessly complement our homeowners' lifestyles. Take, for instance, The Connexion at Enclave at Leesville, located in Durham, NC. With a well-appointed pool and a state-of-the-art fitness center, residents don't need to leave the community to unwind by the poolside or engage in invigorating workouts. Our Connexions are thoughtfully designed to provide a convenient and harmonious blend of relaxation and productivity, ensuring that residents can savor leisure moments without compromising their commitments.

The Connexions in our communities stand as more than just physical spaces; they embody our belief that connections shape how we live. These vibrant hubs foster relationships, support well-being, and amplify the moments that define our lives. The Connexions bring our communities together meaningfully. At HHHunt Communities, we understand that life is a tapestry of moments. The Connexion is the thread that weaves them into an enriched shared experience. With every gathering, every smile and every shared memory, The Connexion reaffirms our core belief: It's not just where you live, but it's how you live that matters. Discover these exceptional spaces and the new construction homes available within our communities.

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Each Connexion is designed to be integrated into its community, but they all share one thing: serving as vibrant hubs where friends and families unite, fostering social bonds fundamental to our well-being. Check out how each of The Connexions are designed for how you live, work and play.

Because it's how you live that matters®

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