December 21, 2020
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Dakota and Kennedy share their favorite things about their apartment home in Abberly Waterstone


What is the lifestyle like in a new HHHunt apartment community.  We caught up with Dakota and Kennedy, two HHHunt Apartment Living residents, to learn their favorite things about their new apartment home.

Dakota: I'm Dakota.
Kennedy: And I'm Kennedy.
Dakota: Hands down my favorite is the kitchen. I love to cook. And now that I have this kitchen, it's great. Ooh, my signature dish to cook in the kitchen is ...
Kennedy: Pizza rolls.
Dakota: Pizza rolls.
Kennedy: We love that we have a smart home. Having a thermostat that I can control from my phone when I'm too lazy to get out of bed and turn it on. Or if we forget to lock the door, we can just go into the app and lock it. Super convenient. And it was something that the other apartments didn't have. My favorite amenity would have to be the gym. It's very convenient to have a gym, and especially because we live, like, right outside the gym.
Dakota: We lost our dog. He ran away for about two weeks.
Kennedy: Yeah.
Dakota: And without hesitation, we called the office. They sent out an email to help us find our dog. It was the combination of the community and the office helping us.
Kennedy: Living at Abberly Waterstone is a lifestyle. My friends love that I live here. Between the amenities, the leasing office, the dog park, the community, it's amazing.
Dakota: We really enjoy our apartment home at Abberly Waterstone by HHHunt.
Kennedy: Because at HHHunt it’s is how you live that matters.
Dakota: We have a taco night on Fridays.
Kennedy: Yes.
Dakota: And sometimes we like to experiment with it. I think those tacos are pretty good.
Kennedy: Yeah. One time we deep fried them. It's delicious. Yes, you can definitely come to taco night.

We are so pleased that Dakota and Kennedy provided us with feedback on their experience living in an HHHunt community. Would you like to know more? Get all of the details on living the HHHunt Apartment Living lifestyle here.

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Learn what Dakota and Kennedy consider their favorite things about their new apartment home and the Abberly Waterstone community.
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