June 3, 2024
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Crafting Dreams: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Dream Home with HHHunt


Building your dream home is a journey filled with excitement and anticipation. With HHHunt, this journey becomes a seamless and rewarding experience. From choosing the perfect floorplan to settling into your new space, HHHunt Homes is there every step of the way to guide you through the process.

The Sales Process

The journey begins with choosing the community, homesite and floor plan that best suits your lifestyle and needs. We have a lot to offer in Virginia and North Carolina, but don’t worry our Online Sales Advisors  are here to help you get started! They are available to communicate with you through our website or by phone, email, or text, to answer questions about any of our communities. And when you are ready to visit a specific community to see our models and learn more, they can immediately schedule a visit for you to meet with our New Home Advisor on site. 

Your New Home Advisor will continue the process of helping you find the home that is your perfect match, and once you’ve found it, you’ll complete your Purchase Agreement to get the process officially started. If you are using a mortgage loan to finance your home, your New Home Advisor and Loan Officer will guide you through those steps as well.

As a purchaser, you will receive instant access to your personalized HHHunt Homeowner Portal, an online platform to guide you through your build. Additionally, you will receive regular phone call updates made by your New Home Advisor and Construction Manager, to keep you informed and answer your questions as they come up.

Design Selections

With the paperwork in place, it's time to bring your vision to life through design selections. Depending on the home and location you choose, you will either meet onsite or in one of our Design Galleries. From selecting the perfect cabinet color and hardware to deciding on flooring options, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures and even incorporating smart home automation, this phase is where your dream truly begins to take shape. Each decision you make brings you one step closer to creating a home that is uniquely yours, tailored to your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. With the guidance of our experienced team, you can feel confident in your choices, knowing that every detail has been carefully considered and curated to bring your vision to life. Once your selections are finalized, it's time to authorize and move forward with confidence, knowing that your dream home is well on its way to becoming a reality.


Before construction begins, you'll attend a Pre-Construction Orientation with your dedicated Construction Manager. During this meeting, you'll discuss the building process, timelines and any questions you may have. With clear communication and expert guidance, you'll feel informed and prepared as your dream home begins to take shape.


The excitement builds as construction gets underway. The construction process kicks off with laying the foundation—the solid base upon which your dream home will stand. Once the foundation is in place, the framing stage begins. Walls, floors and ceilings take shape as the structural framework of your home is erected. Skilled craftsmen work diligently to ensure precise measurements and proper alignment, laying the groundwork for the rest of the construction process. With the framing complete, it's time for the rough-in stage. Electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems are installed within the walls and floors of your home. Before the drywall is installed, you'll attend a Pre-Drywall Orientation with your Construction Manager. This is an opportunity to review the progress of the construction, including the locations of outlets and other items that will soon be covered by sheetrock. One final opportunity to see the inside of the walls of your new home.

With the Pre-Drywall Orientation complete, it's time to install the drywall and apply interior finishes. Walls are insulated, drywall is hung and paint is applied to bring your home to life. Cabinets, countertops and flooring are installed, adding style and personality to each room. As the construction nears completion, final inspections and quality assurance checks are conducted to ensure everything meets HHHunt's high standards of craftsmanship. Our final inspections include a 200-point quality inspection conducted by a third party. Any remaining touch-ups or adjustments are made to ensure your home is perfect down to the smallest detail.

Moving In

As construction nears completion, you'll attend a Pre-Settlement Orientation. During this meeting, your Construction Manager trains you on all of the new features and products you have in your home. Prior to closing you will meet once more with your Construction Manager, for your Final Closing Sign Off Review. With the home and orientations complete, closing day arrives and you officially become a homeowner. Finally, it's moving day—the moment you've been waiting for as you step into your new HHHunt home and begin making memories.

After Move In Day

Your journey with HHHunt doesn't end on move-in day. As you settle into your new home, you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback and submit any post-closing work requests. We ask that you schedule two times for us to come back and check in with you during the first year of owning your home: at 60 days after closing, and then again around 11 months after closing. Rest assured, HHHunt Homes is committed to ensuring your satisfaction, with all post-closing work approved and signed off on by you, the customer. Throughout the first year and beyond, you'll have peace of mind knowing your home is covered by a 10-year limited warranty, providing added protection and security.

Building your dream home with HHHunt is more than just a transaction—it's a partnership. From the initial sales process to after-move-in support, HHHunt Homes is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience every step of the way. So, why wait? Start your journey today and let HHHunt help you craft the home of your dreams. Ready to turn your dream home into a reality? Explore HHHunt Homes’ website to learn more about their communities, floorplans, and design options. 

Did you know that HHHunt Homes also offers move-in ready homes? That’s right – brand-new homes ready for you to move into today!

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Building your dream home is a journey filled with excitement and anticipation.

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