April 9, 2021
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Check Out Keisha's Story and Why She Loves Her Home in Quarterpath


We know that HHHunt Homes provides beautiful homes for you to call home. But don’t just take our opinion, let’s here from one of our homeowners. We recently caught up with Keisha Atwood, one of our homeowners in Quarterpath, and are excited to share her story with you.

Can you please introduce yourself?

Keisha: Hi, I'm Keisha Atwood. And I'm an HHHunt homeowner. I chose HHHunt Homes because of the community and the wonderful and quiet environment that the houses are located in.

What attracted you to Quarterpath in Williamsburg, VA?

K: The thing that attracted me to moving to Quarterpath was the fact that I work here on Fort Eustis, and I am a Riverside patient. So what better area to live right close to the military base and the hospital right down the street.

What do you love most about Quarterpath? 

K: What I love most about the community here in Williamsburg is the sense of family. I enjoy being at home where it's quiet and seeing my neighbors out walking and talking. I think that I am excited about our neighborhood growing. I'm looking forward to new neighbors coming in and more houses around us.

What is your favorite part of your home? 

K: I feel that HHHunt built homes especially for me. I am a single mom with two daughters, and I wanted to have the ability to come home and have a bedroom on the first floor. And the fact that we have the choice to have a three-level townhouse or a two-level villa in this neighborhood is amazing.

How would you describe your home?

K: I would describe my home here in Quarterpath as a two-level villa that has a magnificent primary suite on the first floor. I love the fact that my kids have their own bedrooms upstairs. They both have bathrooms and a lovely loft or second living room upstairs. The most amazing thing is I have one of the larger porches in the neighborhood. So I have four chairs on my front porch and no one is sitting right next to each other.

What's your favorite memory in your new home? 

K: I would say that my favorite memory in my home is the day that I moved in and family were surrounding and amazed at how beautiful the house was. And the best part about it was the blessing of the house and the neighborhood. That just gave me a sense of love and community.

We loved hearing from Keisha about the convenience of being close to her workplace and how much she loves her new home and community! Did you know that HHHunt provides discounts to military personnel? Learn about our Hometown Heroes Program, which provides discounts to firefighters, law enforcement, medical professionals, veterans, military personnel, and others. Ready to build your dream home with HHHunt Homes? Contact us today!

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We're excited to share Keisha Atwood's feedback on why she chose HHHunt Homes to build her new home.

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