April 15, 2024
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Buy Now and Move in This Summer


Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with sunshine, backyard BBQs and the sweet scent of new beginnings? If so, there's no better time to buy a new home and move in this summer. With convenience, favorable weather and the promise of unforgettable memories, here's why purchasing a new home now is the ultimate summer adventure.

Summer Move-In Convenience

Picture this – you've found your dream home, signed the papers and now it's time to move in. Moving during the summer offers unparalleled convenience. With longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures, you have more time and energy to tackle the moving process. Say goodbye to shivering in the cold or navigating icy roads – summer move-ins are smooth sailing, allowing you to settle into your new abode with ease.

No School Disruptions

For families with children, moving during the school year doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. Say goodbye to mid-year transitions and disrupted routines by buying a new home now and moving in this summer. With the school year on pause, you can seamlessly transition into your new neighborhood without worrying about school schedules or curriculum changes. It's the perfect opportunity to explore your new surroundings and discover all the family-friendly amenities your community has to offer. Discover our homes that are move-in ready this summer in Suffolk and Richmond, Virginia and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Favorable Weather

There's something magical about the warm embrace of summer sunshine – and it's the perfect backdrop for moving into your new home. From clear skies to gentle breezes, summer weather sets the stage for outdoor activities and endless exploration. Whether you're lounging on your new patio or strolling through nearby parks, the sunny weather enhances your homebuying experience, making every moment feel like a dream come true. Our homes are located in some of the best areas in Virginia and North Carolina, so there’s plenty to do in your local community! Summer is the perfect time to discover all the new shopping, dining and entertainment around your new home.

Backyard BBQs

What's summer without the sizzle of a BBQ and the laughter of friends and family? When you buy a new home now and move in this summer, you open the door to a season filled with backyard gatherings and memorable moments. Imagine firing up the grill, savoring delicious food and basking in the company of loved ones as you create cherished memories in your new backyard oasis. From intimate dinners to festive celebrations, your new home is the perfect setting for summer fun.

Low-Maintenance Living

Want to enjoy a summer vacation without the hassle of yard work? Look no further than a low-maintenance home. By choosing a new home with minimal outdoor upkeep, you can relax and unwind without worrying about mowing the lawn or pulling weeds. Spend your summer days lounging by the pool, exploring new destinations or simply soaking in the serenity of your low-maintenance paradise. With less time spent on chores, you'll have more freedom to enjoy the things that truly matter.

Buying a new home now and moving in this summer is the ultimate way to embrace the season's warmth and vitality. From the convenience of summer move-ins to the joy of backyard BBQs, every aspect of your homebuying journey is infused with summer bliss. So, seize the moment! We’re here to help you find your perfect home. Get ready to make this summer your best one yet. 

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Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with sunshine, backyard BBQs and the sweet scent of new beginnings? If so, there's no better time to buy a new home and move in this summer. Check out all the reasons why it's the best time to buy a new home now!

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