July 11, 2023
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Realtor FAQs

We love partnering with Realtors to ensure their client finds their dream home. We couldn't meet this goal without our Realtor partners and friends! We strive to make your job as easy as possible and provide you and your clients with the very best experience. We have an intentional process we follow throughout the homebuilding journey. Interested in partnering with us to help your client find their brand-new home? We've answered some of the frequently asked questions to help explain how we can partner together to make your clients dreams come true!

Does HHHunt Homes regularly work with Realtors?

We do! Realtors are an essential part of our business. We partner with you, the Realtor, to bring in clients and list the clients' current homes when purchasing an HHHunt home. Maintaining our Realtor relationships is essential so that we can give the best referral. Our Realtor co-op percentage is much higher than the regional average in each of our markets. Most often, 80% of our homebuyers work with a Realtor.  

What makes building with HHHunt Homes special or better than choosing another builder? 

We care about relationships, and our team members make HHHunt Homes special. We have highly-trained New Home Advisors (NHAs) who value their time with you and your client. We have long standing relationships with local Realtors and even have many legacy buyers, meaning they have purchased a home with us several times. We don't see the home-buying process as a sales or construction process. We see it as building a lasting relationship. 

My client needs a home soon. Does HHHunt Homes offer homes available now?

Yes! We are consistently starting unsold homes in order to have them underway to offer to buyers whose schedules don’t allow them to wait for the home to be constructed from start to finish. Not all builders start unsold homes, so be sure to ask when reaching out. Depending on where the home is in process, your client may still have the ability to select some finishes on these started homes. To see what homes are underway in the communities you are interested in for your client, visit the Move-In Ready Homes section of our website, or reach out to our online New Home Specialists. They will guide you to a home that is on the schedule you are looking for. The Move-In Ready Homes section of our website provides information about all started unsold homes. Some are fully completed and others are still a few months out from completion. All started unsold homes are also listed (with address and pricing) in your local MLS so that they can be easily found when you are searching on those platforms.

I have a client but don't know which community/communities may fit them best. Where do I go next?

The first place to start would be connecting with our online New Home Specialists. They are experts in reach region where we build. If you are not yet ready to connect directly, search our website and use our Lucy chatbot, or search by area, price or timeframe if you are looking for a move-in ready home.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Our online New Home Specialists are the concierge; they are ready to talk with Realtors and schedule an appointment with the community's NHA. They can be reached via phone or email, or by completing the online registration form. Realtors may chat live on our website via Lucy or call from an MLS listing. 

Is it required for me to attend the appointment in person with my client?

No, it is not. We want to have your information and your client's so we can be sure we have you registered with them from the first interaction. They will be asked if they are represented when attending the appointment. 

What should I expect at the first appointment? 

We want to ensure that interaction goes as smoothly as possible, so the online agent will prepare you based on your client's needs. We make sure we have your permission to ask your client questions so that we can narrow their search and make the best use of their time. With your approval, we will briefly interview your client to get to know them and understand why they are looking for a new home, their current living situation, and what they'd like to change. This interview helps us determine what we can offer them within the community.

We will have limited time. What can I do to make sure the visit is still successful? 

Be sure to inform our online agent or NHA beforehand if you have a time limit. That will help us plan and use our time together wisely. Sometimes, it is more important for you and your client to walk the homesites or even see the amenities rather than walk through an actual floor plan. We can utilize our walkthrough videos if that fits your client's time restrictions. 

My client lives out of town. How can you help? 

We can implement an entirely virtual process if your client lives out of town. Everything from seeing the community, meeting the sales and construction teams, all construction meetings, and even making selections at the design or onsite galleries can be held virtually. Even closing can be completed virtually. We have great virtual appointment resources, digital resources and even catalogs, including pictorial details. These resources help you and your client see their home.

Will the New Home Advisor help with pre-qualifying my client and discussing monthly payments? 

Yes. We will do that to whatever extent you and your client would like. We partner with our preferred lenders, to which our NHA has direct access. During the appointment, the NHA is trained to ask about pre-qualification status, where your client is with an understanding of what they are looking to spend, including the home and monthly payment, and what that means for a down payment to give them an accurate cost of what they are looking for. Our NHA will be able to run a brief payment scenario and can educate on today's interest rates.  Once we have found a home that is a match for your client’s criteria, the lender picks up the financing portion from there.

Will we see the finished product? 

In most instances, yes. Once our initial interview is completed and we know what your client is looking for, our NHA will show you the model home or any of our inventory homes. We will ensure that you and your client see the best representation of their finished product.

Can I tour your homes without the New Home Advisor? 

Our NHAs know our homes best! They know every detail of the home and love walking the floor plan with you and your client. We understand the need for privacy and can walk with you to the front door, and then you and your client can walk the home unguided by our NHA, if desired.

Does HHHunt Homes use their own contract?

Yes, we do use our own contract or purchase agreement. You'll find that most builders do. We must outline our process in writing for your clients to eliminate any questions or confusion. Building a new home has a lot of moving pieces. We service our homebuyers during and after the construction of their home and so it is crucial to have that commitment in writing. We can review our contract with you before having the contract appointment with your client to ensure you understand the terms and can ask any questions beforehand.

Will I be included in updates once my client purchases?

Yes, our partnership does not end at your client's purchase. We will explain our communication process and work with you and your client to ensure you both understand each step of the building process. Our NHA and Construction Manager communicate throughout the entire build. We offer in-person visits while your client's home is under construction; you and your client can be invited. Communication is essential to us. You can expect update calls and emails from our team throughout the month. You can be copied on the emails so that you're in the know every step of the way.

I have a lender partner that I regularly refer. Can my client still use them? 

Yes, your client can use them. Our team will recommend one of our preferred lenders during the initial interview. This is to ensure that our homebuyers can consider their lending options. Our preferred lenders are experts in the HHHunt Homes process and offer incentives. We are proud to provide lender partners that are not financially tied to HHHunt, meaning they work hard to prove that they are the best extension of our company. These lender partners deliver in the form of being extremely communicative and available to our buyers, which is what our homebuyers expect of us and anyone who partners with us. 

Can my client visit the home while it is being constructed?

Yes. But only with a scheduled, supervised tour. We do not allow you or your client to just pop in during construction, as the new home site can be a dangerous place. There are obstacles such as large equipment or nails, and we want to make sure you and your client remain safe. We also want to be available to answer questions you may have while viewing the home.

Can my client opt for an independent home inspection prior to closing? 

Yes! New construction homes have several inspections prior to closing. In some counties, it's as many as 20 or more before obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. In addition to that, HHHunt Homes conducts a third-party quality inspection prior to the homebuyer pre-settlement walkthrough. If your client is more comfortable having another home inspection done on top of those we include, they can. Make sure to coordinate with our Construction Manager so that we can ensure that the inspector has full access to the home. Note: Any non-essential item mentioned on the inspector's report may not be deemed as an item that will automatically be adjusted.

When will we know a firm closing date? 

During the Pre-Construction meeting, our team will communicate a one- or two-month window for the closing date, pending utilities are set in this community or section. Each update call and email will focus on when the home will be ready. We know the closing date is what homebuyers are keeping their eyes on. The actual date can be confirmed around the time of drywall installation. If utilities aren't set by this time, we can provide a firm closing date about 30 days before closing.

Who will handle the mortgage financing? 

If your client is partnering with one of our preferred lenders, then mortgage financing is turnkey. Our team will talk to the lender before we sign the contract, and then they meet with your client within seven days. Our requirement of lenders is to have full loan commitment to us within 30 days of signing the contract, even if the customer won't be closing for a while. Suppose they are using another lender not on our list. In that case, we have our lender assistant communicating with all lenders regularly to make sure that each of our homebuyers' loans and associated parts (title, appraisal, etc.) are moving forward in alignment with the home. Our lender assistant keeps lenders in the know as to what construction phase the home is in and when we lock in a closing date. 

Does my client need a construction loan?

No. At time of purchase agreement, your client will provide an earnest money deposit to HHHunt Homes. These funds will be held in escrow while the home is being constructed, and then will be used towards your client’s total down payment/closing costs requirement based on the financing option they choose. HHHunt Homes covers all costs of the home while it is being built, including but not limited to the cost of the land, materials, labor, permits, inspections, and insurance.

How are appraisals handled by HHHunt Homes?

In most cases, we perform upfront appraisals. We have the lenders forward the appraisal as soon as the sales price is finalized (with all of the structural and design options selected). Our team performs and schedules this process internally, and we work with the lenders to have the appraisal ordered and completed. 

What services are provided after closing? 

Your client's HHHunt Home will have a one-, two- and 10-year warranty. The two- and 10-year warranty is serviced through Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC), one of the largest new home warranty companies in the United States. We provide your client with the homeowner and full warranty manuals from PWSC. Our internal HHHunt Homes Customer Care and Warranty team will partner with your client and reach out the first time as they transition into becoming a homeowner. These teams will work with your client 60 days after closing to take care of any items on the post-move-in list. This list is compiled with things your client may have noticed after living in the home that require adjustment. These items do not include emergency items. Our Customer Care and Warranty team will also conduct our 11-month review. At this time, the home has lived through all four seasons, and adjustments like nail pops or drywall cracks can be repaired. Your client, our new homeowner, will be given a non-emergency number and an emergency number at their Pre-Settlement Orientation and a guide on how to make those calls, if necessary. Once their contract is ratified, your client will also have access to their individual customer portal, which they can share with you. The portal is an excellent resource for the homeowner. It houses their documents, the HHHunt Homes Warranty, home care tips, product care and contact information, and individual product warranty information.

What if my client has an emergency at their home after closing?

We review this process with your client at their Pre-Settlement Orientation. Our Construction Manager and the Customer Care Manager will show your client the location of emergency phone numbers for the home vendors should something go wrong after hours, as well as the phone number to contact our Customer Care team directly if they have a non-emergency event outside of our typical warranty follow up meetings. Non-emergency appointments can be requested through our customer portal. 

I've had previous experiences where I did not get credit for bringing my client to a builder. How does HHHunt Homes prevent that from happening? What can I do to ensure I receive credit? 

We want to know if a homebuyer is working with a Realtor. It's why we prioritize our first visit and first interview. It's even something that our online New Home Specialists will ask about during an online inquiry. We recognize the value of Realtors and are committed to preserving our relationships and reputation with Realtors in the local community. How can you help? Tell your client to inform us during the first visit or interview if you cannot attend with them for any reason. Or, when you make that first call or touchpoint with our online New Home Specialists, be sure to provide your client's name and contact information along with yours so that we can connect you all in our system.

How else can I get involved with HHHunt Homes?

We invite you to visit our model homes and talk with our onsite NHA. They would love to meet you and gain insight into what you're seeing in the market. Also, you are welcome to attend any of our events throughout the year.

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We love partnering with Realtors to ensure their client finds their dream home. Interested in partnering with us to help your client find their brand-new home? We've answered some of the frequently asked questions to help explain how we can partner together to make your clients dreams come true!
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