July 4, 2022
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Meet the HHHunt Land Acquisition Team


HHHunt is growing! We’re expanding our presence in numerous markets including Charlotte and Central North Carolina, as well as Richmond, Virginia. All of this would not be possible without our Land Acquisition and Development team. This team of professionals is responsible for securing land for our new homes, planned communities and apartment living divisions throughout the Southeast. They are among the best in the business, and we thought it would be fun to take this opportunity to introduce each member.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

  • Will Kennedy, Vice President of Land Acquisition: I’m a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee and moved to Richmond’s Fan District with my husband in 2017. My go-to icebreaker when meeting new people is that I’m a triplet born on Valentine’s Day. I love to travel and exercise. You can usually catch me roaming the streets of Richmond on foot or by bike.
  • Adam Cornelius, Land Acquisition Manager for Greater Richmond, Virginia Area: I was born and raised in a small town in Maryland.  After college at the University of Maryland, I went to University of Baltimore School of Law and got a job in sales for a data/services company.  I now live with my wife and four children in Richmond.
  • Jack Scher, Land Acquisition Manager for Raleigh Triangle, North Carolina Area: I was born and raised in Richmond where I lived until I left for college at Virginia Tech. I moved back and met my now-wife while in graduate school at VCU. We moved to Raleigh from Richmond about eight months ago when I accepted the Land Acquisition Manager role for the Raleigh market. We have two great dogs, Nellie and Adele, and we enjoy hiking, exercising, and all-things dog related.

Q: What is your role on the land acquisition team at HHHunt?

  • Kennedy: As the Vice President of Land Acquisition, I develop and lead the strategy for land acquisition across the HHHunt footprint. Our team is responsible for sourcing and contracting new opportunities for HHHunt Homes, HHHunt Communities, and HHHunt Apartment Living.
  • Cornelius: My responsibilities include acquiring land for our new homes, apartment living, and master planned communities in the Richmond, Virginia market.
  • Scher: My role is to source and negotiate land deals for HHHunt’s apartment living and homebuilding business lines in North Carolina.

Q: How did you get into land acquisition?

  • Kennedy: I’ve always had an interest in real estate development and love problem solving. While working in commercial brokerage, a client and mentor encouraged me to consider exploring a career in land acquisition. I started working for residential developers in-house almost 10 years ago- time flies!
  • Cornelius: I loved my sales job but needed something more nine-five so that I could get my law degree.  I started working with land acquisition in 2013 with Ryland Homes in Maryland.  I spent five years in metro Maryland and Northern Virginia.  After a merger and an acquisition, Pat McCarthy and Steve Fritz really sold me on coming to work for HHHunt, and I haven’t looked back.
  • Scher: I worked for HHHunt for almost three and a half years in the finance department, supporting the apartment living, homebuilding, and communities business lines. I loved working with the team and larger Finance & Accounting department, but something about land acquisition always intrigued me. I really enjoyed the transactional side of my work in finance (loan closings, for example) and figured joining the land team would get me even more involved in transactions.

Q: What do you love most about your position?

  • Kennedy: I love variety, and there’s always something new and different in land acquisition. Every seller is unique and no two projects are alike. The land team is fortunate to interact directly and indirectly with most of the HHHunt organization. It’s a great way to see all the interesting things we’re doing as a company.
  • Cornelius: I love that every day is a new challenge.  The team at HHHunt is top-notch and a pleasure to work with.
  • Scher: I’m really enjoying learning about development. In land, at a high level, you’re basically sizing up all aspects of a development projects very early on, working with HHHunt’s in-house development team and external consultants. I love learning and at times, this job feels like a master’s in real estate development.

Q: What sets HHHunt apart from other real estate developers?

  • Kennedy: HHHunt’s biggest competitive advantage is our people. We collaborate with a single vision and purpose and celebrate each other’s successes. People choose to work with HHHunt.
  • Cornelius: HHHunt is always willing to do what’s right for buyers, residents, and community members.
  • Scher: HHHunt really does live up to its brand promises and “strives to build value and enrich the lives of our employees, customers and community partners.” At every turn, the team considers the impact of its decisions and actions, for not only HHHunt, but also our customers and partners.

If you are interested in learning more about the Land Acquisition & Development team or have land that might be of interest to HHHunt, please feel free to reach out. Also, stay tuned because we have some exciting announcements in the works about HHHunt tapping into new markets!

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Meet HHHunt's Land Acquisition team. They are among the best in the business, and we thought it would be fun to to introduce each member.

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