April 30, 2024
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Impacting Our Communities: HHHunt's Volunteerism Recap for April 2024


At HHHunt, we believe in empowering our team members to make a positive impact on the world and in how people live. Throughout April 2024, our teams across the Southeast dedicated themselves to meaningful volunteer efforts, furthering our promise of being Engaged Community Partners. Here's a recap of our recent endeavors:

Partnering with Tech for Troops

Our HHHunt Homes team in Richmond, VA, recently joined hands with Tech for Troops, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting veterans and their families. Tech for Troops empowers veterans in their transition to civilian life by providing technology, skills training and essential resources.

During our collaboration, our team assisted with vital tasks such as cleaning computers, responsibly disposing of outdated equipment, organizing hardware and rebuilding computers. Through these efforts, we helped bridge the digital divide and provided crucial technology access to those who have served our country.

This partnership not only supports veterans but also strengthens our local community. We're immensely proud of our team for contributing to Tech for Troops' mission and making a tangible difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed for our nation.

Supporting Goochland County, VA Public Schools

In another exciting initiative, HHHunt has sponsored Goochland elementary school libraries and classrooms with the book The House That She Built by Mollie Elkman and Georgia Castellano. This inspiring book showcases the story of real women from around the country coming together to construct a unique home, promoting education about opportunities in construction and real estate.

Fifteen of our team members visited Randolph Elementary School, Byrd Elementary School, and Goochland Elementary School to read The House That She Built to students. Additionally, we provided hard copies of the book for future enjoyment and donated The House She Built coloring books.

These efforts underscore our commitment to being Engaged Community Partners. We believe in nurturing future generations and fostering a sense of possibility and empowerment through education and literature.

Sharing Love with Furry Friends at Richmond Animal League

Team members from Abberly Centerpointe went above and beyond by delivering a significant donation of dog and cat food, along with other essential items, to the Richmond Animal League. As a bonus, they had the delightful opportunity to meet some of the shelter pets eagerly awaiting a loving human best friend to take them home for lots of snuggles and treats!

This initiative exemplifies our dedication to supporting not only our human community but also our furry companions. We believe in creating a compassionate and inclusive world where every member, human and animal alike, feels cared for and valued.

Why Community Engagement Matters to Us

At HHHunt, being an engaged community partner is more than a commitment—it's our Brand Promise. We strive to make a difference by actively participating in initiatives that improve lives and create vibrant communities. To learn more about why community engagement is fundamental to our mission, visit our Brand Promises.

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At HHHunt, we believe in empowering our team members to make a positive impact on the world and in how people live.

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