January 17, 2022
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Customer Focused | HHHunt's Customer Focused Approach


At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters, and one of our core Brand Promises and Values is to be customer focused. What does that mean? Simply put, we always put the wants and needs of our homeowners and residents first when making decisions. Whether that be designing a new home floor plan or creating dynamic activities in our senior living communities, we want to provide our customers with a unique lifestyle that they can’t find anywhere else. After all, our Vision is to improve the world and how people live by creating meaningful experiences and places of great distinction. Here are just some of the ways HHHunt delivers on its customer focused approach.

Integrating New Technologies into Our Homes

Technology has become an important part of everyone’s life, and it is one of our customers’ most requested features in their new home. That is why we have been at the forefront of investing in new smart home technologies, so that you can have everything you need in one place. Check out what Dakota and Kennedy, two residents from Abberly Waterstone, have to say about their smart home experience below.

“We love that we have a smart home. Having a thermostat that I can control from my phone when I am too lazy to get out of bed to turn it on, or if we forget to lock the door, we can just go into the app and lock it. Super convenient, and it was something the other apartments didn’t have.”

We were the first apartment living provider to introduce a new Smart Home technology package in over 7,700 apartment homes in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. This exciting new technology from ADT, a leader in security and smart home technology in the US, allows our residents to personalize their apartments’ features to their exact specifications.

Expansion of Green Efforts

As our customers have become more environmentally conscious, we have responded to their needs.  That is why we offer a wide array of green features for our homeowners and residents. We want to empower them with tools to make environmentally conscious decisions, which benefits all of us.

HHHunt was named a National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS) Green Partner of Excellence by Home Innovation Research Labs. This certification recognizes single-family and multifamily builders and developers who have advanced green building in their communities and are committed to voluntary, market-driven, third-party certification of high-performance homes.

Our new home construction division continues to be at the forefront of energy efficiency. Today’s building codes and our selection of materials make new homes more energy efficient.  This can have a huge impact on electricity, gas and water use. Additionally, having little maintenance and upkeep is especially important as it reduces home improvement lists and repair bills. With the work already done for you, you’ll have more time to enjoy the best things in life.

We also offer a variety of green features in our apartment home communities including car charging stations, recycling programs, and more.

Wellness-Centric Amenities

The most sought-after request from our customers continues to be amenities focused on wellness. Many HHHunt Communities have or will offer in-community fitness centers. These year-round facilities offer our homeowners access to top-of-the-line fitness equipment all within a short walk.

If apartment living is more your style, our Adrenaline Cardio and Strength Studios offer residents access to on-demand fitness classes and the latest in fitness equipment. The studios include free weights, elliptical machines, treadmills and more. We also offer separate yoga studios for those looking for a different style of workout. We’ve designed our Adrenaline Cardio and Strength Studios to offer something for every resident regardless of their ability level, because we believe in fostering a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

At HHHunt, we’re proud to include green features and open spaces in our communities. It’s important to include many natural elements such as walking and biking trails, open lawn areas and other top outdoor amenities most requested by our homeowners and residents. River Mill in Glen Allen, VA offers miles of walking and hiking trails, open green spaces, and several parks along the Chickahominy River. Abberly Market Point in Greenville, SC promotes wellness by offering free outdoor bike rentals to residents.

These are just a few ways HHHunt is living its Brand Promise of being customer focused. We receive new ideas from our homeowners and residents every day and will continue to innovate to better serve you.

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We want to provide our customers with a unique lifestyle that they can’t find anywhere else. Here are just some of the ways HHHunt delivers.

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