November 1, 2020
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HHHunt Food Drive Supports Local Food Banks


This fall, we determined that a company-wide food drive would be a wonderful way for HHHunt to help our local communities. Many families were struggling with hunger due to more people being home during the pandemic, especially with students learning virtually.

By holding food drives in our communities, we can give nourishment to those in need. In a joint effort between our Corporate offices, Apartment Living and Planned Communities,  along with our customers and partners, we were able to support over thirty local food banks throughout Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina and donate over 7,400 food items! But that’s not all – HHHunt also made donations to each food bank represented for a total of $33,000! One of HHHunt’s brand promises is to be an Engaged Community Partner, and we believe that by helping those in our communities, we are living that promise and delivering on our vision to improve the world and how people live.

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HHHunt held a company-wide food drive to help local communities struggling with hunger.

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