May 27, 2024
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Sarah’s Story: Finding Happiness at Wescott in Midlothian, VA


We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah, a proud new homeowner at Wescott by HHHunt. She purchased one of our one-bedroom condos, and we sat down with her to discuss how much she loves her new home, her affection for the community and her experience with the HHHunt Homes sales process.

Hi, Sarah. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey with HHHunt?

SL: “Hi, I'm Sarah, and I own a one-bedroom condo. It was my dream to have an HHHunt home, and Laura said, ‘it was meant to be – you are here now’.”

What attracted you to Wescott in Midlothian, Virginia?

SL: “What attracted me to Wescott is the location, proximity to my son's home, and the beautiful subdivision.”

What do you love most about Wescott?

SL: “I just love to be around here. It's so peaceful and it's like the Garden of Eden for me. My neighbors. I love my neighbors; very friendly.”

What would you say is your favorite room or feature of your new home?

SL: “My favorite room is the openness of the living room with the kitchen and the dining area. That's beautiful. I never had such a living room. So huge, and it's just with the windows, it makes it perfect, very comfortable. I enjoy it very much. Then you get into the private entrance, it's just amazing how it makes you feel. So open panel and I love it.”

How would you describe your new home?

SL: “Spacious, every room is spacious. I was really surprised. The living room is spacious. The powder room is spacious, the bathroom is spacious, the bedroom is spacious – and it is just very pleasant to be in my home. I enjoy it. And the windows, we've got five windows in one bedroom, so that is a great thing to have.”

What are you looking forward to the most in your new home?

SL: ” What I'm looking forward to the most in my home is to have everything in place and have gatherings between friends and just entertain and have a good time. I'm a pastry chef, a French pastry chef, and I always do pastry parties.”

Was the purchase process easy with HHHunt homes?

SL: “Absolutely. It was explained to me from A to Z in a very simplified way. Every transaction. I was so glad to work with Lori. She's so patient and kind, and she said, whenever you don't understand, just let me know. I'll go over it again and again. And she did. I bought my place unseen because I saw the library pictures of the builder’s library model, and I was so sure this was what I wanted and Lori made it so easy for me. Every transaction, she followed through, and she just made me feel very confident about everything. I mean, she explains everything and makes you feel really at home already.”

I have one more question for you. Would you recommend HHHunt Homes to a friend?

SL: “I will definitely recommend HHHunt Homes to my friends, to my people at the bank, to everyone everywhere I go. I always tell them this is the place to be and it was always meant to be for me to have a home at HHHunt, and I couldn't be happier.”

Sarah's story beautifully illustrates the warmth and community spirit that Wescott by HHHunt offers. Her experience highlights how her new home has met and exceeded her expectations, providing a peaceful haven and a place to create lasting memories. Her appreciation for the community, the spacious and well-designed living space and the seamless sales process with HHHunt Homes speaks volumes about the quality and care that go into each home. Sarah's enthusiasm and satisfaction resonate deeply, making it clear why Wescott is such a desirable place to live. We're excited to see her thrive in her new home and look forward to welcoming more homeowners to our community.

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We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah, a proud new homeowner at Wescott by HHHunt.

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