December 18, 2023
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Embracing Inclusivity: HHHunt's Commitment to Accessible Living and Community Experiences


Ensuring that a home is not just a living space but a place of comfort and accessibility is a priority at HHHunt. We’re committed to providing homes and amenities for diverse needs and desires. This includes features designed to enhance accessibility and convenience for homeowners and residents protected by The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). From thoughtful kitchen designs to bathroom amenities, we have incorporated various features to create welcoming and functional homes.

HHHunt Apartment Living Offers ADA-Friendly Apartment Homes

In our commitment to inclusivity, HHHunt Apartment Living proudly offers a range of ADA features that redefine accessibility in your apartment home. The heart of every home, the kitchen, is designed with lower countertops, providing a comfortable and accessible workspace. Knee space beneath the kitchen and primary bath sinks enhances convenience, while lower-mounted switches for the range hood and countertop microwave ensure accessibility. Appliance packages include front-load washers and dryers and accessible controls on the stove. Lower light switches and thermostats contribute to a thoughtful and inclusive living experience. Bathrooms feature raised elongated toilets and ADA-accessible showers with seating and hand sprayers, creating spaces prioritizing comfort and safety. Select rooms boast hard surface flooring and thoughtful design extends to wider doorways and lever door hardware, promoting ease of movement throughout the apartment. Adjusted shelving in closets and pantries enhances organization and accessibility. You can see all the features in The Birmingham floor plan video tour shown above.

Beyond the apartment interiors, our commitment to inclusivity extends to our buildings, offering features such as designated handicapped parking, sidewalk ramps and elevators in several communities. We also have ADA-friendly amenities, which you can learn about later in this blog. At HHHunt Apartment Living, we believe that everyone deserves a home that meets their needs, and providing ADA features ensures this commitment to creating spaces that are welcoming, accessible and thoughtfully designed.

HHHunt Communities & HHHunt Apartment Living Offer ADA-Friendly Amenities

Chair Lift at ADA-Friendly Pool in Enclave at Leesville

At HHHunt Communities and HHHunt Apartment Living, our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond individual homes to the entire community experience. Our planned communities and apartment communities are thoughtfully designed to ensure accessibility and enjoyment. Wide sidewalks and paved trails wind through our planned communities, providing a smooth and easily navigable path for residents and homeowners. Sidewalk ramps further enhance accessibility, ensuring everyone can move freely throughout the community. In our dedication to creating inclusive recreational spaces, several pools feature zero-entry access, allowing easy entry and exit. We provide ADA-compliant pool lift chairs, ensuring everyone can enjoy the refreshing pool experience. Many of our playgrounds are designed with inclusivity, featuring ADA-friendly elements that invite all children to play and have fun. Most clubhouses, fitness centers and lounges are strategically located on the first floor, eliminating barriers and providing convenient access for residents. If residents are requesting a modification or accommodation to their apartment home or community, our team is well-versed and has the necessary training to support those requests. We are committed to a culture of inclusivity where homeowners and residents can live, explore and enjoy the places they call home. 

At HHHunt, it's how you live that matters and we believe a home should be a haven for everyone. Our ADA features are not just about meeting standards; they are about going beyond to create homes and amenities that reflect inclusivity and thoughtful design. We have homes and amenities that are crafted to be places of comfort and accessibility. Find your new home today.

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Here at HHHunt, we’re committed to providing homes and amenities for diverse needs and desires. Ensuring that a home is not just a living space but a place of comfort and accesibility is something we priorities for our homeowners and residents. Read how we are embracing inclusivity.

Because it's how you live that matters®

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