How You Live Moments #HowYouLive

Habitat For Humanity

September 2014

While other companies just build places to live, at HHHunt, we build a better way of life and have become a trusted partner in every stage and phase of peoples' lives.

When over 1,700 of us come together as one HHHunt team, we become stronger, knowing that we hold the power to change peoples' lives. Our vision is to improve the world and how people live by creating meaningful experiences and places of great distinction. That means giving back to the communities where we develop and build and helping lift up those less fortunate whenever and wherever possible. Recent examples of HHHunt's commitment to community and corporate citizenship are our partnerships with Habitat for Humanity and Homes for Hope. We are actively working together to find new ways to improve lives and will include updates here and on our News page.

Because it’s how you live that matters.

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Because it's how you live that matters®