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Employee Centered | Diversity and Inclusion Focus

HHHunt’s Human Resources team and managers across the organization have been listening and supporting our team members from a social, emotional, physical and mental perspective as we have all dealt with the pandemic and the social unrest in our communities. This led to a very impactful Social Awareness series during the summer. As we participated and learned from our team members, we knew we needed to do more. Following our brand promise to be Employee-Centered, Ebony Wilkins was promoted to lead our focus on Diversity and Belonging. She will establish and lead a Diversity Council that will be made up of our passionate team members from across the organization. The Council will have the opportunity to impact how we approach diversity across our locations and to serve as D&I Champions and Allies within our company.  

At HHHunt we believe it’s how you live that matters. One of our goals is to ensure that each team member and every community partner knows that HHHunt is a place where everyone belongs.

Because it’s how you live that matters.

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Because it's how you live that matters®