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HHHunt lends a hand to Safe Harbor by helping with repairs
HHHunt helps Safe Harbor with landscaping
3 women helping with landscaping for Safe Harbor
HHHunt makes repairs on Safe Harbor facilities
Donate here boxes for Safe Harbor
HHHunt helps Safe Harbor facility by painting
Woman help with repairs on Safe Harbor facility
HHHunt employees volunteer to help Safe Harbor

HHHunt Lends a Hand to Help Safe Harbor

October 2016

HHHunt is always looking for ways to improve people's lives. So when we learned that Safe Harbor - an organization dedicated to helping survivors of sexual and domestic violence needed our help - we stepped up to the plate. It was determined that the Safe Harbor facilities needed significant repairs and our HHHunt Homes division went to work drawing up a plan of action. At the same time, employees from The Gardens Apartment Community collected food, household, personal and other items for donation to Safe Harbor.

Our incredible trade partners provided roof replacement, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services. Their dedication to share their time, resources and labor deeply touched our hearts. Then, over a two day period, employees from the Richmond office painted, installed fixtures and performed yardwork - as well as anything else that was needed.

Per HHHunt Homes General Manager, Pat McCarthy, "This was an incredible opportunity to join together as an engaged community partner and to give help to those in need.  With a minimal time donation, we accomplished our goal." We love how this example demonstrates our collaboration as we work with each other and our partners. Because it’s how you live that matters.

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'How You Live' Stories