Video Transcript

There is a lot of heart to what we do here. We create homes, but ultimately, we’re creating lifestyles, and it’s really rewarding to be apart of that.

It’s a lot like the video game Sim City. We get to plan and design these communities, and then we build them, and then we watch the homeowners and residents move in and it fills them with life.

I’ve been working for the company for over twenty years and I can honestly say it is the best place I have ever worked. Everyone is treated like family. Empowered and respected too. Plus we really know how to have fun, and you just don’t find that everywhere.

We offer unique opportunities in amazing cities like Richmond, Raleigh, Charleston and more.

I love HHHunt because they make me feel like they really care about me as an employee. For example; they have benefits like giving us a paid day off for our birthdays. How many companies do that?

HHHunt provides continued education. I’ve been working for HHHunt for over fifteen years.

HHHunt is very forward thinking. We are located in multiple states and we’re steadily growing.

Me siento muy contento trabajar en HHHunt porque tiene muchos beneficios.

We are also an engaged community partner. We do things like volunteer in our communities, and I love that!

And we want you to work with us here. Click the link below to learn about HHHunt University, amazing benefits and job openings.

If I had to sum up working for HHHunt in one word it would be passion. Yeah it would be passion.

You know, I really do love this place. There’s too much to love. It feels like home.

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