Top Home Technology Trends You Need to Know

Top Home Technology Trends You Need to Know

New home technology is often greeted with hesitation at first and then increasingly embraced as its convenience and value is more clearly understood. Soon, it will be difficult to imagine what life was like before this technology entered our homes. Take electricity. There was much concern about adding electric lights to homes a century ago. Now, much of our modern world is built on electricity. The same was true for many appliances and computers. Today, as technology continues its rapid progression, we’re more open to using it in our homes. And, why not? Today’s home technology can make our lives easier and allow us to spend more time doing what we love.

What are some of the top home technology trends?

  • Integration: One of the benefits of technology is that it can allow us to be more efficient. Many appliances now integrate with our mobile devices. Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator even tracks food expiration dates and can place an order to restock. Not at home but want to see who’s at the front door? There’s a wide array of apps and services for that, too. You can even preheat your shower in an HHHunt home from the comfort of your bed with U by Moen technology. No more shivering as you wait for the shower to warm up on a cold winter morning.Home Technology Trends
  • Home Automation: Integration with your mobile devices is cool, but automation is where even more time is saved. Using new technology, homeowners with HHHunt Homes have the option of automating many of their home’s systems, including audio, lights, and locks. Among the most popular features is automation that turns on your lights as soon as you enter your home.
  • Motion Activation: When you talk about convenience, motion-activated technology is sure to come to mind. These advances are especially helpful in the kitchen. For example, using motion-activated faucets keeps the faucet and handle from getting dirty when your hands are messy from meal prep. Among the most popular faucets is a product that has a sensor near the faucet’s base for handwashing and one on top of the faucet for when your hands are full.Home Technology Trends

These three home technology trends will become increasingly prevalent in new homes and as older homes are renovated. We believe it’s how you live that matters! That’s why HHHunt Homes strives to find new technology and tools to make your life easier. To learn more about top home technology trends, check out this Chesterfield Observer article that features HHHunt Homes designer Mariah Martin.

As a forward-thinking company and provider of quality products and services, HHHunt also brings the latest technological advances to our apartment living  communities. We’ll explore the evolving role of technology in these communities over the next few weeks.

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