Tips For A Fun & Safe Halloween In 2021

Tips For A Fun & Safe Halloween In 2021

It’s finally here! Halloween week has arrived! We hope that you and your family have fun plans for this weekend. As you get ready for trick-or-treating, check out the following tips for staying safe and having a great time.

Costume Safety

  • Use Reflective Tape: It is getting dark earlier now, so be sure to use reflective tape on your child’s costume. This will ensure that cars see them when driving by.
  • Carry a Flashlight: It is always good to carry around a flashlight so that you can see where you are going when trick-or-treating. This will help avoid any potential trips or falls.
  • Masks Should Not Restrict Vision: Everyone likes a good superhero or ghost costume. However, it is important that costumes and masks not restrict vision. A child should be able to see clearly in all directions as they cross the street or interact with adults and other children.
  • Make Sure Accessories are Just Props: Whether your child wants to be a pirate or a ghoul, make sure that the accessories they use are props. It is difficult to see at night and some children like to play around in their costumes. Every accessory should be made of foam or soft rubber to ensure safety.

Going Out to Trick-or-Treat

  • Use Sidewalks and Crosswalks: There is a lot of pedestrian traffic on Halloween night, so it is important to stay on designated pathways like sidewalks and crosswalks.
  • Travel with Children and in Groups: Children, no matter their age, should not be allowed to Trick-or-Treat without an adult present. Also, traveling in groups makes the night much more fun.
  • Only Visit Well-Lit Homes: Many homeowners do not participate in Halloween and communicate this by not turning on their front outside lights. Only visit well-lit homes or those homes that are participating in the holiday.
  • Check Candy: Only take candy that is individually wrapped. Never take any candy or treats that are open or look like they have been tampered with.

COVID-19 Trick-or-Treating Considerations

  • Social Distance: Even though COVID-19 numbers are going down, it is best to continue social distancing when going out to trick-or-treat.
  • Take One Piece of Candy: Some households may choose to keep a bowl of candy outside or at the end of the driveway to promote social distancing. Only take one!
  • When in Doubt, Play a Game: There are plenty of socially distant games you can play if you decide not to go trick-or-treating. For example, you could play Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Parents will pull together a scavenger hunt list of neighborhood decorations for children to find from a distance. You can also create a fun scavenger hunt inside your home.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters, and we want you to have a fun and safe experience this Halloween. Happy trick-or-treating!