The Ultimate Move-In Checklist for Renters: Part I

The Ultimate Move-In Checklist for Renters: Part I

Move-In Checklist for RentersMoving to a new apartment can be a stressful process. Between signing the lease and moving your very last box, there’s plenty you need to take care of before and after the official move in. To help make your moving experience a little easier, we created this checklist to help you out.

Before Moving In:

  • Complete a Change of Address Form: One of the easiest steps to forget when moving is updating your address. Make sure to either fill out a form at your local post office or complete a change of address online so that your mail is forwarded to your new address.  It is a good idea to inform your bank, medical providers, insurance providers, credit cards, the DMV of your change of address as well.
  • Set Up Your Services: Be sure to set up your utilities, including cable, Internet, electric, water and trash pickup. In some apartment communities, these services may be covered in your rent, but double-check before you move.  It can take a couple days for all of your services to be turned on, so be sure to set everything up at least a week in advance of move in.
  • Review Your Lease Paperwork: Before you move in, be sure to review your lease paperwork thoroughly.  This will enable you to prepare questions in advance and expedite that part of the move in process.  This will help to reduce your move in day stress.
  • Complete Move In Inspection Form and Take Pictures: It’s important to do a walk-through inspection and take note of anything that is broken, damaged or otherwise not in good working condition. Check to make sure all of the appliances are working. Notate this on your inspection form and take photos and give copies to the property manager. This way, you will not be responsible for any damage that was there ahead of time.
  • Hire a Moving Service: If you feel more comfortable having the pros move your furniture and belongings, it’s recommended to call a moving company at least a couple weeks in advance. Be sure to give them the correct address and time they should arrive.

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Also, stay tuned for Part II and Part III of this special blog series for tips to take during and after your big move!