The Ultimate Move-In Checklist for Renters: Part 2

The Ultimate Move-In Checklist for Renters: Part 2

Move-In Checklist for RentersWelcome back to our three-part series about moving.  Below, we’ve listed some helpful tips for before, during and after your big move! Now that you’ve prepared and packed all of your boxes, it’s time to consider the next step in the move in process. Check out these ideas to make your moving day less stressful and more exciting!

During Move In:

  • Watch the Packing Process: Even though your hired movers (or friends) may take the lead on moving your boxes, pay attention to where the boxes go in the truck. You’ll save yourself a lot of time in the long run if you oversee where boxes are placed.
  • Take a Walkthrough: Take one last walk-through of your vacated property to ensure nothing was left behind. Close all windows and make sure doors are locked and switches are turned off.
  • Organize Your Box and Furniture Placement:  Make sure everything is placed in the proper room in your new apartment home.  Tape each door with a descriptive label to assist your movers.
  • Unpack One Room at a Time: Once all of the boxes are in your new apartment, that’s when the fun really begins! Unpack one room at a time according to basic needs. suggests starting with the kitchen first, since you’ll probably need counter space and appliances at some point during the week. Remember that you can take your time unpacking. Every box doesn’t have to be emptied on move in day!
  • Enjoy: Have a great first night in your new apartment! Make sure to stay hydrated, eat snacks, do a few stretches and take short breaks when needed.

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Also, stay tuned for Part 3 of this special blog series for tips to take after your big move!