Team Members Complete Wellness Challenge!

Team Members Complete Wellness Challenge!

Wellness ChallengeLast month, HHHunt team members participated in the 30 Day Work-Life Balance Bingo Challenge! This new wellness program was so much fun and a great way for our employees to help manage stress and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Each HHHunt employee received an HHHunt stress star and bingo card. The bingo card contained 36 simple activities that encouraged employees to spend time working towards a better work-life balance with proactive self-management. Each time an employee completed one of the simple activities, he or she was able to mark it off on the bingo sheet. It was that simple!

Earlier this year, HHHunt employees heard Joe Robinson speak on how to manage work and life… before they manage you! Our team members spent the past month learning how to stop working the hard way by taking breaks, going outside, and spending a couple minutes relaxing during the work day. Wellness starts at the top, so it’s important to show your brain some love. You brain is the command center of your body – and just like your heart, lungs, and other critical organs, it deserves to be a priority when it comes to your health. Give your brain some loving throughout the day with these tips!

To help our team members and their families manage stress, HHHunt and Anthem EAP are proud to provide employees with MyStrength, an online tool that can help improve emotional, physical, and spiritual health and bring balance to their lives. Learn more about MyStrength through its website.

A regular health program, like the 30 Day Work-Life Balance Bingo Challenge, can improve your cholesterol profile, lower blood pressure, increase energy and stamina, boost bone strength, prevent weight gain, and help maintain a healthy weight. Those goals are something we can all support! After all, at HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters and healthy and active living plays a big role in our lives. Thanks to all who participated in this awesome and rewarding challenge!