Team Member Profile: Denise Solomon

Team Member Profile: Denise Solomon

Denise SolomonHere at HHHunt we are proud of the many team members who strive to make every day wonderful and improve the world around them. They truly fulfill our mission!

These team members make HHHunt special and further our message that it’s how you live that matters. To recognize their incredible work and commitment, we’re starting a new series on this blog: “Team Member Profile.” We’ll occasionally take a look at one of our stellar team members and give them a much deserved shout out! Do you know someone who we should highlight? Send a note to with details about the team member!

For our inaugural spotlight, we’re highlighting Denise Solomon of Spring Arbor of Hendersonville West in Hendersonville, NC.

We’re so proud of Denise. In fact, she was recently nominated for an Assisted Living Federation of America Hero Award and was one of national finalists! This is a national award among all those who work in the senior living industry and her selection as a finalist is a big deal. Denise certainly deserves the recognition. She is often described as selfless, patient and caring. She strives to provide a day full of happiness for each Spring Arbor resident and is a loyal and dependable role model. Denise cares for every member of her senior living community, as evidenced by this heart-warming story: One day a resident was experiencing extreme difficulty with everything – she wouldn’t eat, walk and could barely stay awake. Denise brought her favorite apple pie and watched the resident’s eyes light up as she ate it. Then the resident asked for cotton candy and off Denise went to the store.

Now that’s fulfilling the HHHunt mission! Denise also has learned to overcome her own personal hardships and turn them into opportunities for personal and professional growth. For example, she spent the past year working on her own personal wellness initiative. As her ALFA nomination noted, she inspires other team members and encourages independence and choice to those around her. We’re so proud to call Denise an HHHunt team member. Thank you Denise!