Taking The Stress Out Of The Holiday Season

Taking The Stress Out Of The Holiday Season

The holidays are a magical time of year, but for many they can also be very stressful. At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters and that means taking care of the whole body; both physical and emotionally. We have put together a list of recommendations so that you can enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Do Not Abandon Healthy Eating Habits

The holidays always signify parties or events – lots of them. It can be easy to overindulge. Try eating a healthy snack before going to events. This helps to control hunger. Believe it or not, over-eating is one of the biggest causes of stress during the holidays.

Be Sure to Take Breaks

It is easy to get caught up in all the activities around the holiday season, and we often neglect to take time for ourselves. Be sure to map out some downtime to relax, reflect, reduce anxiety and enjoy all of the wonderful things about the season. Listening to holiday music or watching a festive movie is a perfect way to enjoy a needed break.

Remember to Exercise

The shorter days and colder temperatures force many of us indoors during the winter months. That does not mean that you should abandon physical activity. If you are willing to brave the cold, take a long walk or bike-ride to look at your neighborhood decorations. What if you don’t like the cold? No problem. There are plenty of indoor exercises to keep you healthy and feeling positive like yoga, calisthenics and more!

Stick to a Normal Routine

This is a tough one. Over the course of a year, we all get into normal routines of work, sleep, exercise, etc. Make sure you stick with your routine – especially sleep. Even though there are a lot of things happing during the holidays, sticking to your normal routine will help you feel better.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Money is the leading cause of stress and anxiety in the United States. Mix that with the ongoing pandemic and there is a potential for real challenges. Don’t let the holiday season catch up with you by spending more than you can afford. Set a budget for yourself now and stick to it. You do not have to buy everything. Get creative with gifts and decorations by making numerous things yourself. Your family members and friends will appreciate a homemade gift even more knowing you spent the time making it.

The holidays are fast approaching. Your family and friends should be the focus of the season. We hope this list helps to remove some of your stress so you can enjoy the holiday season just a little bit more this year.