HHHunt’s Wellness Challenge

HHHunt’s Wellness Challenge

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters and one of the most important characteristics of our culture is our commitment to wellness. Physical and mental wellness is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it be developing master-planned communities with health and wellness amenities we strive to create products and services that embrace healthy living.

As part of that commitment, every year we launch a wellness challenge. This year’s theme revolved around Wellness Your Way. Given the unprecedented past year, we wanted to create a wellness program that employees, residents and homeowners could participate in wherever and whenever they wanted. Here are just some of the programs we held this past month.

Share Your Way

An internal program for employees, Share Your Way, allowed team members to share tips, ask questions, and motivate others through our intranet. We’ve found over the years that staying committed to wellness often involves surrounding yourself with individuals who are sharing the same experience. This allowed employees from across the company to motivate one another to succeed with their wellness goals.

5K Your Way

Running a 5K is a time-consuming process. You often train and then participate at a specific place at a set time. We threw that out the window this year with our #HHHunt5kYourWay. HHHunt provided residents, homeowners, and employees with a guide on ways they can reach the 5K finish line without worrying about a specific race. That included running 4,778 steps or walking 6,411 steps over the course of May at their leisure. 

Donate Your Way

At HHHunt, one of our Brand Promises is to be an Engaged Community Partner. That means we are always seeking new ways to give back to our communities through volunteerism and donations. As part of our wellness challenge, we asked our homeowners, residents, and employees to donate their way. This fun activity let everyone give back to the charities that are most important in their lives. Whether it was Habitat for Humanity, local Food Banks, NAMI and Mental Health America, each participant had a unique organization that they were proud to support.

Prizes Your Way

Throughout the month, we provided gift cards and other prizes to those who participated in our various wellness activities. This is just one more way to thank those for helping HHHunt fulfill its commitment to wellness. 

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more information about the HHHunt Wellness Challenge.