HHHunt Wellness Initiative Supports Team Members

HHHunt Wellness Initiative Supports Team Members

HHHunt Wellness Initiative Supports Team Members

We believe it’s how you live that matters! This philosophy defines our approach to apartment living, new home and master-planned communities. It also represents how we support our team members. Last year, HHHunt was proud to announce a new wellness initiative focused on our employees. That initiative provided a number of tools to promote and sustain healthy lifestyles.


HHHunt’s Wellness Team

We’re excited to report that in the past 12 months, the HHHunt Healthy Lifestyles program has been a huge success. Cali M. Wortelboer, associate community manager at the Ashton Pointe apartment living community, is a member of HHHunt’s Wellness Team and recently reported that the Wellness Team is once again conducting outreach for the annual well-being assessment.

This assessment gives a full picture of your current health and identifies areas for improvement. After completing the assessment, employees receive a personalized wellness plan to help them reach their goals. Wortelboer notes that one of the most popular features is that team members can download a wellness app for their phones and keep track of their progress.

“HHHunt employees also can accumulate points as they meet their wellness goals,” she added. “Those points can then be redeemed for great healthy lifestyle prizes, like cookbooks and yoga mats. It’s fun and reinforces healthy decisions!”

The Healthy Lifestyles program is just one example of HHHunt’s commitment to be employee-centered. This initiative is available for all HHHunt team members and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Speaking about HHHunt team members, have you ever thought about joining our team? HHHunt is always looking for enthusiastic and collaborative professionals! Stay updated on the latest career opportunities through our website and the Careers at HHHunt Facebook page.