HHHunt Introduces Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Program!

HHHunt Introduces Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Program!

HHHunt Introduces Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Program!
HHHunt Introduces Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Program

The HHHunt Wellness Team

At HHHunt, we value healthy and active lifestyles! We believe that it’s how you live that matters and staying healthy is an important component of a happy life. That’s why we’re excited to announce HHHunt’s newest wellness initiative for our team members: Healthy Lifestyles! 

Launched at the beginning of this month, all HHHunt team members now have access to Healthy Lifestyles: an online wellness portal with plenty of tools, trackers and resources to help make the focus on well-being and health easier and more convenient for all. Through Healthy Lifestyles, team members can take advantage of:

  • A confidential Well-Being Assessment that gives a complete picture of one’s current health so that they can see how lifestyle habits affect their overall well-being.
  • A personalized well-being plan to help one reach their healthiest best. The plan includes recommendations, a list of focus areas, and a personal dashboard to stay on track.
  • Online and on-the-go resources, including access to thousands of recipes, the Well-Being Connect Mobile app (to track progress anywhere), and customizable trackers for exercise, weight, stress and more.
  • An inspiration board where team members can post photos or quotes for motivation and share with others.

HHHunt values our team members and we believe that that the success of our company begins with our people. Therefore, our first and most important brand promise is to be Employee Centered and we are committed to the well-being of each and every employee.

However, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle isn’t just for our team members, but it’s also for our residents and communities too! We want to hear YOUR favorite healthy living tips and health success stories on our Facebook page in May for the chance to win an awesome prize! Here are some of our favorite Healthy Lifestyles tips:

  1. Find something you love. Exercising “just” to stay fit or lose weight is a losing proposition, according to Jay Kimiecik, author of The Intrinsic Exerciser. Instead, the key to sustaining the effort and motivation to be more active is to find your own enjoyable way to move. Be it dancing, walking, yoga, bicycling — finding out which physical activities give you the most joy will help you find your inner path of exercising.
  1. Put the body in charge. Most people fail at exercise programs because they put their mind in charge. Whenever we feel we “should” do more crunches or we “must” run for 30 minutes, it is the mind pushing the body to perform. If you continually have to push yourself to exercise, it is only a matter of time before your body will give up.
  1. Tune in. Learn to listen to your body. What does it want to do? Oftentimes, you may not feel much like moving at all when you start out. Instead, start slowly, and build from there. As your body gets warmed up, you’ll be surprised how you gradually feel like moving more.

Be sure to visit our Facebook page throughout the month with even more healthy living tips!