Top Trends: First-Floor Owner’s Suites

Top Trends: First-Floor Owner’s Suites

Owner's SuiteAt HHHunt, our brand promises include a commitment to be customer focused and a provider of quality products and services. These promises are more than just words on paper. They get to the heart of who we are and what we do. That’s why we’re starting a new blog series that takes an occasional look at some of the top trends in the apartment living, new home and planned community markets.

We believe it’s important to showcase these trends and help keep our readers informed. To kick off this new series, we’re exploring one of the most popular trends for those building new homes. Let’s dive in!

Purchasing a new home is often the biggest financial decision any of us will make. Adding to the significance of buying a house is that the dwelling is more than a collection of four walls and a roof. A home is where we raise our family, spend time with loved ones and make cherished memories.

It is no surprise that home buyers want to ensure their new home reflects their wants and needs. One of the biggest home design trends in recent years is the first-floor owner’s suite. Whether you’re considering a one or two-story home, many plans now include a first-floor suite for the owners. In fact, a recent analysis by Builder magazine found that over 80 percent of the top 100 selling floorplans in the country boasted a first-floor owner’s suite.

Why this popularity? There are benefits to a first-floor owner’s suite, including easier accessibility and closer proximity to primary living spaces in a home. Likewise, many homeowners note that they like the additional privacy and seclusion that a first-floor owner’s suite offers, especially if there are teenagers or young adults living in the house. Households with multiple generations also like the option of having bedroom space on the first floor.

Owner's SuiteUltimately, the decision to select a house with a first-floor owner’s suite is personal. That’s one reason HHHunt Homes offers a variety of floorplans with a first-floor owner’s suite in its Raleigh, Hampton Roads, Williamsburg, and Richmond area communities. Among the floorplans that feature a first-floor owner’s suite are the Blakely, Bradenton, Crawford, and Danbury. Pictured in this post is the first-floor owner’s suite in the Bradenton model located in Midlothian, Virginia. Why not take a virtual tour of the Brandenton now?

At HHHunt, we believe that it’s how you live that matters! We want you to find the perfect home.  To learn more about HHHunt Homes’ various floorplans and communities, visit their website. We’re looking forward to continuing this series, so stay tuned for other trends in the coming weeks! Of course, if you have suggestions on trends that you’re seeing or would like us to discuss, send us a note or share your thoughts on our Facebook page.