Find Your Summer Reading List

Find Your Summer Reading List

Earlier this week we celebrated Memorial Day which marks the unofficial start to summer in the United States. Every summer, millions of Americans flock to bookstores or to pick out the books they will read during the warmer months ahead. Even though summer might look a little different this year, it’s clear that most people are gearing up for that time-honored tradition of creating a summer reading list. We scouted some of the best sources for summer reading ideas and compiled some great trends to think about as you create your reading list.

How-To Books

One positive trend that has emerged from every crisis since the 1970s is a renewed interest in creativity. This year is no different. Over the past two months, one of the most sought-after genres has been How-To books. From creating vegetable gardens to crafting cocktails, How-To books inspire and reconnect people with their inventive and imaginative side. Whether you are learning how to make your own cheese, raise chickens, or just prepare a new recipe, there are thousands of interesting books to guide you in the right direction.


Thrillers and murder mysteries have long been synonymous with summer reading. However, 2020 releases are kicking it up a notch with more complex themes and improved main characters that better embody the diversity of the country. Long gone are the days of the traditional detective novels where a sleuth solves the crime. Today’s thrillers take readers on a psychological journey that leaves you questioning right and wrong.

Historical Fiction

One of the best parts of summer reading is escaping from the every day. You won’t have any problem with that when there are numerous historical fiction books that are being released in May and June. Whether you want to immerse yourself in 19th century England or 1950s America, historical fiction provides the perfect blend of the fantastic and realistic. The best part is that many of the titles vary from comedic to tragic, so there is something for everyone.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters, and creating fun memories through reading is a great way to unwind and build new experiences.