Committed to Our Team: HHHunt University

Committed to Our Team: HHHunt University

Since our founding in 1966, Harry H. Hunt believed that creating opportunities for professional development among the team was at the core of building a strong company. He coined the phrase “Best Idea Wins” which embodies his philosophy that everyone should have a voice and can contribute to the growth of HHHunt. This continues to be among our guiding principles which is why we invest so heavily in opportunities for all of our team members. One of our signature programs is HHHunt University.

Managed by Gabrielle Bouknight, our Director of Training and Development, HHHunt University incorporates the educational and training tools to help our team members grow and flourish, both personally and professionally. From time management workshops to navigating multi-generational workplace courses, HHHunt University embraces the lessons learned over the past 54 years and teaches them to a new generation of professionals through in-person or online classes. 

HHHunt University also offers the College of Apartment Living designed specifically for team members working in our apartment home communities. This track provides both in-person, instructor led workshops, as well as online learning opportunities specifically geared towards the growth and development of team members in the apartment living industry.  Areas of focus include operational skills, sales and technical skills, personal development, leadership and management and so much more!

Education has always been a top priority at HHHunt and our goal is to create educational opportunities to enhance the skills and overall competencies to develop our team members and ultimately every aspect of our business. Overall, providing this long term educational and training development positively impacts the lives of our team members and serves as a benefit to our residents and community partners.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters, and investing in our team is key to our success.