Building A Better Way Of Life For You And Your Four Legged Friend

Building A Better Way Of Life For You And Your Four Legged Friend

Building A Better Way Of Life For You And Your Four Legged Friend

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters, and we are committed to building a better way of life for our residents and homeowners – including their four-legged friends. According to the Centers for Disease Control, pets offer incredible health benefits including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels and provide increased opportunities for exercise and socialization. Pets can also be our best friends. Throughout our company, we have embraced pet ownership in our communities and have created numerous amenities just for them.

Dog Parks

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Dog parks are the perfect venue to let your dog be a dog. We offer dog parks at several of our apartment home communities and at Mosaic at West Creek, a master planned community in Goochland County, Virginia for those 55 and better. Our dog parks feature agility exercises designed to promote problem solving and engagement with other dogs. There is no better place to meet your neighbors than at one of our dog parks.  

Pet Washing Stations

When your pooch decides to bring the great outdoors inside on a muddy day, how do you prevent them from dirtying up the rest of your home? Pet washing stations are a popular design feature for this exact reason! A small shower-like stall makes it easy to hose off your pet and provides a great place for them to shake off excess water. It’s also easy to clean with a rinse or a few swipes of a squeegee! We offer pet washing stations at many of our apartment home communities and as an option for many of our new homes.

Walking Trails

With Spring arriving this week, it is the perfect time to take your pet outside for a walk. We offer extensive walking trails at both our new home and apartment communities. Our carefully designed trails embrace the natural surrounding and provide the perfect adventure for you and your dog to explore. We also install pet waste stations along the trails so our residents and homeowners can easily pick-up after their dog and keep the trails clean.

We can’t get enough of our four-legged friends at HHHunt. Not only do we think they’re adorable and great companions, but we also consider them a part of our family!