Buck Hunt speaks on the importance of listening, learning and showing respect

Buck Hunt speaks on the importance of listening, learning and showing respect

Buck Hunt speaks on the importance of listening, learning and showing respect

In a letter to HHHunt team members, HHHunt Vice Chairman and CEO Buck Hunt states:

My fellow HHHunt teammates,

I humbly share these thoughts with you because as your CEO, I believe you deserve to hear from your company’s leadership during this time of crisis in our country. The much-publicized death of George Floyd is a painful and sad reminder that the health pandemic is not the only pandemic we face. Unresolved racial inequities directly or indirectly affect us all, no matter who we are.

I have not personally experienced racial injustice or discrimination so I cannot say to you that I understand what that feels like. I cannot say that I know how each of you as individuals are impacted by this recent series of events or what has led up to it. But I can say that I care, and I believe our first step is always to listen to each other. I will continue to listen, to learn and to grow personally and professionally from the experiences of you and others, and as a company we will commit to doing the same and to doing it better.

HHHunt is a family of people from all different perspectives and backgrounds and we celebrate that diversity. We are better because of it. We will always have different opinions, but I want to make one thing clear – we will treat each other with respect and trust, at all times, in all situations. You hear us talk over and over about our vision, mission, brand promises and values. You may even grow tired of hearing about them and wonder why we repeat them over and over, but it’s because I believe they really, truly matter. I believe this to my core, particularly the words Respect and Trust. These values are at the heart of who we are. If you ever experience a situation that makes you feel otherwise, or if you just need support dealing with the range of emotions related to what’s going on in the world at any given time, please reach out to your manager or your Human Resources Business Partner. They will work with you and help provide the support you need. 

I believe we can make a positive difference in ways that go beyond business, that go beyond our walls and out into our communities. That’s why I have chosen to be here at HHHunt as your CEO and I am so proud to watch as you embrace this too, together. I’ve watched you feed the hungry, build housing for those who can use a helping hand, raise money for childhood cancer, create safe places for victims of abuse, walk for a cure for Alzheimer’s, provide school supplies and clothing to children and so much more.

As we each consider what we can do at this moment and going forward, I encourage us to listen to each other so we can better understand, learn from each other so we can be a part of positive change and respect that every person is coming from a place and experience that is unique to them as an individual. We are currently developing additional resources and exploring opportunities for our team members to better share experiences and support each other.

People are hurting, including many of our team members, residents, homeowners and community partners. I hope we can come from a place of love, trust and respect in all we do.

Thank you all,

Harry H. (Buck) Hunt, IV
Vice Chairman and CEO