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What Is A Single-Family Home?

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What is a single-family home, and is it for you?

Starting your home search can be exciting. It can also be a little overwhelming with all the different terms used when discussing home types and features. That’s why we wanted to share some insight into one term you will hear a lot – single-family home. So, what is a single-family home? We’re glad you asked!  

What is the definition of a single-family home?

A single-family home is a living space that is not attached to another residence. Unlike condominiums or townhomes, single-family homes do not share any walls with another home. If you’re interested in learning more about condos and townhomes click here.

What about the land the single-family home is on?

When you purchase a single-family home, you’re also purchasing the land the home sits on. Depending on lot size and neighborhood agreements, a single-family home often comes with a backyard, front yard, and side yards. This means you can be creative and customize your yard through gardening or hardscaping.

If you’re interested in a single-family home but not the yard work, you may want to consider a low-maintenance community. HHHunt builds single-family homes with low-maintenance living in the Richmond, Raleigh and Hampton Roads areas. You can visit to see those communities.

How do you access a single-family home?

Owning a single-family home allows you direct access to your property from a street. In some instances, it may be from a street in front of your home or an alley in the back. This makes coming and going a breeze. It also makes for easier moving.

Is there additional privacy in a single-family home?

Single-family homes offer additional privacy because there is a separation between you and your neighbors. No need to worry about hearing people through the walls or doors. You are in your own home away from others.

Wait there’s more… opportunities to expand!

As mentioned earlier, when purchasing a single-family home, you purchase the land the home sits on. That means if you want to add an addition to your home, you can! Want a bigger family room? What about a new garage? Depending on your neighborhood, the options are endless.

At HHHunt, we believe it’s how you live that matters, and we hope you find this information useful as you continue your home search. There are many great benefits to single-family homes, but the choice is yours.  HHHunt designs with you in mind providing options for any lifestyle with single-family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments. Connect with us today at to find the perfect home for your needs!

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